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Fascinating 2019 Trends In Men’s And Women’s Formal Wear

We all like to smarten up our look from time to time, and sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than putting on a smart suit or a tailored two-piece and stepping out feeling powerful, confident and ready for anything.

Keeping up to date with all the latest trends in formal clothes can be tricky. You might scroll through fashion trend websites or browse through fashion magazines to ensure that your look remains contemporary.

The great news about formal wear is that it’s all about choosing well-fitting and well-made pieces that have a timeless quality. You can then add subtle touches and tweaks to give your outfit a more contemporary feel. Unlike other trends which seem to come blazing into fashion one minute and are then unceremoniously kicked out the next, formal clothing tends to change more slowly over time. So investing in some smarter pieces can do wonders for your wardrobe, and should last a good few seasons too.

So let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in men’s and women’s formal wear

Ladies first…

Power suits

The power suit remains firmly in place as one of any empowered woman’s must-have wardrobe items. These structured two-pieces are the ideal items to dress up or down. Team a power suit with a crisp shirt underneath for more businesslike appeal. Alternatively, pair with a cotton t-shirt to soften the look.

Oversize silhouettes

Think shoulder pads, cinched-in waists, and kick-flare trousers! While this might be a challenging look to pull off, those who dare to try it will be surprised by its flattering nature and will not only feel fabulous but will earn some serious style points while they’re at it.

Snazzy suiting

Women’s suits are everywhere, and the main difference between them and men’s is what they appear to be able to get away with in terms of color and pattern. This season it’s all about jazzing up your suit and fortune will most certainly favor the brave. Bright colors, bold patterns, and creative materials (this corduroy, velvet, and sequins) all make a play for a place at the forefront of the fashion stage.

Now for the men…

Cuffed trousers

Dapper suit trousers can often feel a boring choice for the fashion-forward man. However, a recent trend has added a new detail that alters the look of smart trousers immensely. The cuff not only draws attention downwards towards your shoes (so choose your footwear wisely) but also helps to pull the fabric straighter giving a smarter, more polished look.

Wide lapels

For too long now, the skinny suit has dominated, but not anymore. Those gentlemen who prefer a more classic look will be very relieved to hear that wide lapels are making a comeback. We’re not talking

as dramatic as the ’70s (no need to go all Austin Powers on us yet) but instead a more subtle and streamlined broad label that adds a touch of old school sophistication, and is rather flattering too.

Micro pattern shirts

For the contemporary guy who wants to look fashionable yet smart, a micro pattern shirt under a classic suit can give the nod to modern trends while remaining smart for work. Introducing subtle patterns into shirts provides room for creativity and individuality while remaining appropriate in the office.

Formal clothing is a pleasure to wear, and by following the latest trends above, you can continue to feel elegant and well dressed while keeping up to date with all the latest fashions at the same time.

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