Diwali also known as the festival of lights is one that is filled with laughter, joy and many savory meals. This festival is loved by all if not most Indians and they look forward to it among the many festivals that they celebrate. It is significant to them as a community and everyone has their own Diwali experience. This is from the clothes they wear, hair and make-up, and then meet up with family and friends to purely celebrate and make memories. Hence, as much as you get your outfit ready do not forget the look you aim to have through your hair makeup. With a growing fashion industry that has incorporated beauty into it. Below are some common looks that you can choose to flow with during the next Diwali.

The celebration look 

What better look to have other than the celebration looks for Diwali festivities? Diwali is known for celebrations between friends and family. The exchange of gifts, sweets and the many parties hosted during Diwali. During such a planned Diwali event the celebration look is the best to adorn to. This look is characterized by having accessories like the Maang tikka that draw attention to your face. Plus, define your eyes with a liner and mascara and go for plum lipstick and matching eyeshadow. For this look it is best when you adorn to an embellished Anarkali to complete the look.

The glamorous look 

Diwali Festival

For most people, the glamorous look is usually of anyone who has well-done make upon. All in all, during festivals like Diwali glamor is everywhere. This is through the many designer clothes that everyone is dressing in. Plus, the elegant traditional outfits that the market is saturated in from physical stores to online stores. Dress up in your beautiful Lehenga suit to bring out the glamorous look perfectly. To enhance the look further use a bronzer to highlight your face. Jhumkas, statement necklace, bangles, and the winning chignon to tie your hair. Do not forget your matte lipstick in rich hues and watch yourself glam at a night Diwali party.

The chic look 

This look that is also known as the chic Madame look. Is classic, beautiful and chic. The hair for this look is parted at the middle and adorn to it when attending a Diwali dinner with your close family members next Diwali. The hairstyle makes you look outstanding from the rest in the crowd. To add strength with this look, bold your brows, apply mascara and a smoky eye is a must to define your face. Go for dangling jewelry and neckpieces and wear the latest hot colors on your lips and whatever outfit you adorn with this look it will look splendid.

The Aarti look

Diwali Festival

This look should look graceful and poised. It is a look to adorn to during Diwali puja. As you carry the puja thali and you add your beautiful smile you start on a good experience for both you and your family. To achieve this look one thing to always have in mind is the large red bindi to adorn your traditional attire as it is part of the cultural norm. For the accessories choose your gold jewelry for they are best for this occasion. The jhumkas, choker necklaces and a red lip will do the trick. The hair for this ceremony is best held into a bun and add a beautiful and sweet-smelling Gajra to have an easy time as you do the celebrations.

The sultry eye look 

Diwali Festival

A sultry eye look is for those who aim to have pure eye magic. That the eyes speak for them and is best if you are attending the Diwali celebrations with your spouse. When the look is done well it never disappoints and you will be the talk during that event. The basic tips for this are as easy as have a highlighter to your face and a glossy pout. The eyes which are the focus of the look should also bring out the magic with how you apply the make-up. The eyeliner is best to define your eyes, and as you do this merge the upper and lower lid. Do not forget your mascara and eyeshadow and the best for this look is the metallic one or a mix of two. Side sweep your hair and you are good to go!

The vogue look 

Diwali Festival

This is more of a celebrity look. Although there are many celebrities to emulate who have different styles and fashion beauty looks. You can adorn to this look and bring out your diva side. One of the winning tips is to have your hair braided in a French plait and your bang loose on forehead not too distinct. Match your blush and gloss with some beautiful pink blend and complete with a pink eye shadow. For the outfit choose an Anarkali or a kurta churidar to go for the big Diwali bash in this superb style. This is a beautiful look that every fashionable girl should wear at least once.

The expression look 

This look is most common among celebrities and unmarried Indian girls that seem to have all the time in the world. To achieve this look, have your mane side-swept to show off your curls and waves. The beauty of this look is that it not only impresses you the wearer but all the people you mingle with during the Diwali celebrations. To sport the expression look choose to wear it to one of the many evening parties on a fresh face and sultry eyes. Since the hair is everything here have it clean, treated and conditioned to have that extra boost. Then you can curl, wave the best way you achieve volume with your hair and you are set. Your lips should be colorful yet glossy. And the best outfit for this look is, of course, the evergreen Anarkali and those who adorn to Patiala’s also win in this look as well.

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