From the latest medical research results comes that childhood asthma and eczema is a result of fast food. These diseases are spreading rapidly in the children, which is very alarming.


Medical research team visit to almost 50 countries to collect the data to find out the reason behind these diseases. They collected very shocking facts after researching about it. They found more than 50k children are suffering from bad diet and due to it they are affecting with diseases.

In Europe people love to enjoy fast food in restaurants, they ever don’t think about the bad effect of food street food items. People are very careless about the healthy nutrition and they don’t think even about the diet effects.

Fast food have high volume of fats and acidic ingredients which are really harmful for our diet. Restaurants are using many antioxidant agents and items for preparing delicious food and most of them don’t care about the cleanliness.

Team told that children who are big fan of fast food and can stay without eating them and they want to eat them twice or thrice in a week can b victim of asthma or eczema.

Early teen agers have 38% risk and kids have 27% risk for these diseases. If you child is using natural nutrient then you can give him protection from the disease which can make them feeble and sick.

Restaurants use of different items like food colors, preservation, fats, spices for fast food preparation which are not suitable for the asthma patient.

Health expert suggest fruits , nature food and milk for the asthma patient and strongly recommending them to avoid fast food.

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