It’s thrilling to salvage title insurance as an owner of a fast car. But most insurance companies don’t share your excitement.

Fast cars tend to be too hot to handle for many insurance firms when it comes to owners filing for claims and effecting repair costs. Many potential car owners also shy away from making a fast car their ideal choice.

With a lot of areas where losses can come up, you would think fast cars won’t sell at the dealership, right? But the reverse is the case on many occasions. There’re now cars that possess qualities which drastically reduce premiums you’d have to pay on other models.

If your mind is made up on getting a fast car, making a choice from this list should be your focus. It’ll save you a lot of trouble in premium payments and help you maintain a good driving status.

Why is Insurance More Expensive for Sports Cars?

Fast cars are expensive. In fact, they are way expensive than other regular models. Replacement parts for flashy cars are naturally pricier. And so are repair costs.

Insurance companies take a gamble when they choose to cover your fast car. A totaled fast car could lead to tens of thousands of dollars in claims.

So with this in mind, insurance companies that have policies for fast cars usually charge obscene fees. Young drivers who own fast cars may find keeping up premium payments tricky to achieve. This is because young drivers are already considered high-risk coupled with a costly vehicle.

Cheapest Fast Cars to Insure

Cheap cars to insure abound. You just have to know where to look. Some extra-fast vehicles come made in parts that aren’t too pricey to replace or repair.

If you’re bent on hitting the road with a high-powered vehicle, the next section will help you make correct choices.

Most Affordable Sports Cars

Here’s a list of the most affordable sports vehicles at dealerships right now;

RankVehicleModel0 – 60mph (s)Mean Annual Insurance CostVehicle Cost
1Hyundai Genesis Coupe20144.7~ $3,800~ $17,000
2BMW M320134.3~ $3,900~ $18,000
3BMW 135is20134.8~ $2,800~ $21,000
4Nissan 370Z NISMO20134.5~ $3,000~ $21,000
5Infiniti IPL G Coupe20134.9~ $3,000~ $25,000
6Audi S5 Premium Plus Quattro20134.8~ $3,400~ $25,000
7Chevrolet Camaro ZL120133.6~ $2,700~ $26,000
8Audi TT20134.2~ $3,100~ $28,000
9Mercedes-Benz E 55020134.8~ $3,300~ $28,400
10Cadillac CTS-V20133.8~ $3,200~ $30,000
11Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG20133.9~ $5,000~ $30,500
12Ford Mustang Shelby GT50020143.1~ $3,500~ $31,900
13Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG20134.5~ $3,300~ $33,300
14Chevrolet Corvette Z0620133.3~ $2,200~ $37,000
15Porsche 911 Carrera S20134.2~ $3,800~ $40,000
16Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat20153.3~ $4,600~ $40,200
17BMW M220164.5~ $3,700~ $41,800
18Lexus RC F20154.1~ $4,100~ $43,000
19Porsche Cayman S20154.3~ $3,400~ $44,000
20BMW M420154.0~ $4,300~ $44,200
21BMW 6 Series 650i x-Drive Coupe20134.7~ $4,100~ $45,000
22Jaguar XK Touring20144.3~ $3,800~ $45,800
23Dodge SRT Viper20132.9~ $5,400~ $47,000
24Audi RS 5 Quattro20154.1~ $4,400~ $48,900

From observation you’d notice the Chevrolet Camaro 2013 model ranks as highly affordable. Also, it’s mean annual premiums stand under $3000 for most policy providers.

But when you’re looking for cars with a decent price tag, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2014 model is an excellent choice. It comes well-priced at $17,000 or so. This vehicle also has a mean annual insurance rate standing a little under $4000.

Final Word

Fast cars are awesome, but with a bad choice, your policy provider could make it lose its thrill very fast. To avoid getting a dose of reality from making use of a fast car, go for choices easy to buy and insure always.

You’d be assured of fast driving along with not having to pay cut-throat fees for insurance.

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