FBI Searching For The ‘Ricin Letter’ Addressed To CIA

The authorities of US are in search of letter that is addressed to CIA and it is believed to have traces of poison ricin.This letter that is posted to CIA office which doesn’t receive mail, in the past, has stayed linked with a man who is charged with giving a judge ricin letter, according to FBI.

This man also appears to be suspected of transmitting to President Obama one ricin letter.In the separate cases, Michael Bloomberg, the City Mayor of New York and one aide of his along with one senator of US, were sent the letters containing ricin.

Mathew Buquet, aged 38, got arrested on 22nd May in the state of Washington, being charged of sending one such letter to Fred Van Sickle, the federal judge.

On Thursday, in Seattle the FBI revealed that it got linked the ricin-laced letters that were addressed to one post office in US and Barack Obama to Buquet.

One fourth letter linked to the same man, too, is undergoing some tests and was sent to Fairchild Air Force Base that is near Spokane.

According to FBI, a 5th letter is addressed to CIA to a location which doesn’t receive any postal deliveries but letter hadn’t been located.

In one statement, FBI said that mail stream’s active monitoring continues in one effort to have this letter located and to mitigate any possible risks that it contents could pose.

FBI also said that in any unlikely event some public member comes across this letter, the authorities must be notified and it mustn’t be opened.

All the 4 letters located appear to have been postmarked within Spokane in Washington on the 13th  May and addresses were all handwritten, with red ink.

The case of Mr Buquet represents the 3rd in this spate of threats of ricin letters in US that are aimed at Barrack Obama and also others.

In one second case, the ricin letters were sent for Mr Bloomberg and also one senior aide with his advocacy group of gun control. The authorities say that a same letter was intercepted too, being addressed to President Obama.

The mail that was addressed to his adviser and Mr Bloomberg contained the threat which said the sender will be shooting in face anyone trying to take his guns away.

In this case, authorities haven’t made any arrests.

In a 3rd case, a man from Mississippi got charged with the sending of letters containing ricin to a senator of Mississippi, a judge and Mr Obama.

Ricin is one type of protein which occurs naturally in plant of castor oil and is extremely toxic, being 6,000times poisonous than the cyanide.

When inhaled, injected or swallowed, ricin could be fatal, though recovery is possible from exposure.

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