On Thursday, the US authorities warned the hospital networks as well as medical devices’ makers to increase their efforts of guarding against the cyber attacks that might occur.

According to Food and Drug Administration, the implanted devices, including defibrillators and pacemakers, can be joined to the networks vulnerable to the hackers.

A warning notice by FDA was given to hospitals, manufacturers of medical device, biomedical engineers and technical staff for healthcare.

According to it, agency recently came to know of some cybersecurity vulnerabilities as well as incidents which could have direct impact on operations of hospital network or medical devices.

The warning stated that FDA recommended manufacturers of medical device and the facilities of healthcare to take some steps for assuring that suitable safeguards are there to reduce risk of failing owing to cyber attacks.

Such systems or devices are compromised by introducing malware into medical equipment and also unauthorized access for configuration settings within hospital networks and medical devices, according to FDA.

Jon Ogg said that it might sound as if it’s out of some sci-fi film though the threat conceivably tends to be serious one. Horrified, he further said to imagine some device retooled maliciously, such as an inserted defibrillator or pacemaker or a robotic system of surgery maliciously recalibrated very slightly for surgeries and one would know that the list containing  all threats turns out to be endless.

FDA said that it didn’t have knowledge of any deaths or patient injuries associated with such incidents or any information regarding targeted devices.

According to FDA, it was working with some federal agencies and manufacturers which, according to it, are responsible to stay vigilant about the identifying hazards and risks that are associated with the medical devices.

Included in the measures which have to be taken, are limiting the access of unauthorized device, specifically that device which is life-sustaining and that which can directly be connected to the hospital networks.

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