Fidomoney, a modern fintech company offering business current accounts was formed in York in 2019 by financial veterans with wealth of multinational retail and commercial banking experience. The rapidly expanding team now operates offices in the UK, USA, and Belgium, and includes experts in financial crime and AML.

Fidomoney provides smart, tailor-made solutions built around the start-ups and small businesses it accommodates whilst identifying the individuality of its customers and offers business current accounts with all the added payment services businesses require.


Fidomoney customers can anticipate their business current accounts to incorporate:

  • 24h customer care and support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Solution to suit each customer
  • Multi-currency
  • Accounts set up in a matter of days
  • State-of-the-art transaction monitoring and fraud prevention technology using the latest machine learning and AI technology
  • Online account management

bank account

Fidomoney have relationships with 3rd party payment service providers that offer card payment solutions via payment gateway for a variety of risk levels, low, medium, and high risk. Fidomoney also offers ‘open banking’, which is a way for merchants to accept payments from their customers directly via bank transfer, with no need for card acceptance. It’s faster, more secure, and cheaper than card processing costs.

As Fidomoney continue to find new solutions to help clients control their finances, they are excited to announce that in the upcoming months they will offer EUR accounts next to the already available GBP accounts. Clients will be able to make and receive SEPA payments in EUR with this account within the European region.

international payment

We will also be offering USD and CHF accounts, available for clients with all additional currencies on one login, which will also be released in September.

As a next step clients will also be able to make and receive international payments outside of the European region with all accounts and currency conversion if required.

We are also working on the launch of Debit cards together with Mastercard, both virtual and physical in GBP and EUR.

More about Fidomoney can be found at Apply today!