Every homeowner should take action the minute they see fire ants or their nests.

Thousands of fire ants can live in just one nest or mound.

And what’s even worse is there are likely hundreds of ants that live below the mound. This is why it’s essential to know how to kill fire ants when you spot them. Here’s some advice that all homeowners should know.

How to Kill Fire Ants: Bite and Sting Harder

Fire ants are mainly active between the spring and fall seasons. If you see fire ants, you have to act quickly. Here’s how to kill them.

Kill the Queen First

The first action to take is to find the queen and kill her. The queen is the one who lays the eggs in an ant colony. When she dies, they all die. Given, this process will take awhile.

But killing off the queen is an essential first step because it ensures no additional ants will be birthed.

How can you tell the queen apart from the other ants? First, look for wings. A queen ant has wings so she can fly between different colonies. Her other notable feature is her black segment near her rear. Her head is reddish-brown.

Kill the Ants Below the Mound

As stated previously, a large chunk of the arts is hidden deep down in the mound. Don’t only focus on destroying the mound on top but also below the mound.

Most homeowners will kill these ants with toxic chemicals. However, these chemicals can destroy your garden, the vegetation, and put your family and pets at risk if anyone comes in contact with the chemicals.

A safer way to kill the ants is by mixing liquid dish soap with warm or hot water. Pour the mixture into the mound.

Use Fire Ant Bait

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to kill ants is by using a fire ant bait. Fire ant workers bring food into the mound. They will pick up the bait and bring it for the rest of the ants to eat.

Eventually, they will all die off. This is also a great and fast way to kill the queen without having to find her.

Every bait manufacturer has a method of distributing the bait. You’ll usually want to set the bait down twice a day. Use more product for multiple and/or widespread mounds.

Prevent a Fire Ant Infestation

In addition, you’ll want to prevent fire ants from building mounds, especially if you live in an area prone to fire ants. Continue setting the bait down throughout your yard.

Spray your soil with the liquid soap mixture. Other effective and natural fire ant killing remedies include cinnamon, lemon juice, peppermint, and baking soda.

When to Call Pest Control

Many homeowners are able to handle a fire ant infestation without professional assistance. But there are times a pest control company is necessary.

First, call a pest control company if you know you have a fire ant allergy. You should also call a pest control company if the home remedies aren’t working, if there are too many fire ants, and/or if they keep coming back.

Calling a pest control company before an infestation is also the best way to prevent one.

Fight Fire With Fire When Killing Fire Ants

If fire ants pop up, you need to know how to kill fire ants. Set down bait, kill the queen, and call a pest control company if all else fails.

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