Car accidents are some of the unfortunate occurrences you wouldn’t wish for in a lifetime. The sudden trauma, injuries, and financial frustrations brought by an accident are usually overwhelming. Of course, you may want to seek justice by filing a case to claim compensation. However, this process may sometimes sound tedious and hard, considering how devastating a car accident can be. Nevertheless, this blog post intends to guide you on how to file a car accident claim when injured.

How To File a Car Accident Claim When You’re Injured

Car Accident

It is important to note under the law, you’re entitled to file a car accident claim to recover financial compensation for your damages. However, proving your case can sometimes turn out to be challenging. Therefore, you should contact a car accident insurer or attorney who is better placed to dissect your case because of their immense knowledge of such cases.

Steps to Follow in Filing a Car Accident Claim When Injured

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

This is the first step you should take when involved in a car accident. Get in touch with your agent or insurer immediately and avail the following information regarding the accident.

  • The insured car involved in the accident
  • The car driver at the time of the accident
  • Location and time of the accident
  • An overview description of the accident and the nature of the damage
  • The driver’s insurance details-name and insurance information
  • Names and contact information of others involved in the accident and witnesses

2. File a Police Report

This is necessary when you don’t get a police report at the scene. And so, where possible, you should visit a local police station and file a report. The police reporter will have a number useful to your insurance company in expediting the case.

More importantly, when filing a case against a third party, seek legal advice from a certified car accident attorney before proceeding further. An accident lawyer is better at collecting evidence for your car accident case and following up on the matter. Additionally, an attorney will help you with the paperwork involved.

Ready to Draft a Sample Letter for Car Accident Insurance Claim Cases

3. Wait for An Adjuster

The insurance company will then assign an adjuster to handle your grievances. The adjuster will probably seek some additional information from you. And in such cases, provide factual information you had previously stated to your insurer. Always stick to the truth and avoid heresy that might bring doubt to your case. The conversation is usually recorded as a reference to determine who was at fault during the accident.

The adjuster can personally decide to inspect and assess the damages or have the car taken to a professional repair shop and have the inspection done there.

4. Get a Report From the Adjuster

After a thorough assessment and inspection of your car to evaluate the damages, your insurance adjuster will craft a report that shows the initial estimate of the costs of repairs and submit it to your insurance company. Upon receiving the report, the insurance company will utilize the report to determine the amount they should pay for your car repairs.

Limitations Work with Car Accident Injuries

5. Accept Payment

If the offer from your insurance company persuades you, the adjuster will authorize the final payment. You’ll then append your signature to accept the offer as full compensation for the damages to your car.

However, when you feel disenfranchised by the first offer from your insurer, you can take legal action against your insurance company. Get a lawyer to help you with the case and avoid cases of biases and discrimination from insurance companies.

Interestingly, filing a car accident claim when you’re injured isn’t as hard as you might imagine. The process is very simple that only requires you to respond. However, if you are pressing charges against a thirty-party due to personal damages caused, contact an acetified car accident attorney to help you push the matter and get compensated.

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