According to surveys, the number of semi-truck crashes has been increasing from 2016 to the present year. And at least over 80% involved injurious collisions. As you consult your semi truck attorney in Georgia, take a look at some steps you should do in readying yourself for the claim-filing.

Semi Truck Accident Claim Filing

1. Immediate Medical Care

Immediate Medical Care

This may sound like an obvious recommendation. However, in many cases, victims tend to be more downtrodden and worried about how they can file a semi-truck accident claim rather than seeking medical attention.

This perspective, and action, might we add, will only increase the likelihood of worsening your injuries. It may also injure your very claim itself.

When you urgently and immediately have yourself hospitalized after the accident, medical professionals can better indicate the severity of your injuries, what kind of treatment is required post-hospitalization, what types of medicines are to be taken short-term or long-term as you recuperate, etc.

In relation to your claim, not seeking immediate medical attention can be used against you. The semi-truck company and/or your insurance company may state that you had a deceitful intention of causing your injuries to be aggravated in order to stake a larger compensation from them.

2. Report And Record The Accident

Report And Record The Accident

Urgency is the keyword here. Contact 911 and/or call the local police to have them survey the site of the accident as close to the time of the accident. Recall as many details of the mishap as possible. Others who have been in the same situation have taken it upon themselves to use their mobile devices to take photos, videos, and recordings of their own recollection of what happened.

The shock which patients go through after having been in a semi-truck accident can muddle one’s memory. Recalling specifics after medications and/or anesthesia have been injected will add to this issue. To register all the related particulars beforehand.

Now is the opportune moment to hire a legal advisor to represent you in the matter. Even if you were in the right of passage (in terms of following road and road safety rules), if the respondent of your claim has the support of a semi-truck accident attorney, there are technicalities in your claim, your statements, the information gathered at the site, and more, which can be used against you.

With an attorney backing you in the pursuit of your claim, he or she will be knowledgeable not only of the law itself but of proceedings and procedures subsequent to the filing of the claim. You will most definitely be guided accordingly, so as to protect your claim.

4. Observe Your Attorney’s Recommendations

Observe Your Attorney’s Recommendations

Among these recommendations is seeing to it that you do not speak with “insurance adjusters”. These people are out to get details of the accident from you and lure you into signing an agreement for a lesser compensation than they are supposed to provide.

Be just as wary of contracts that may be handed over to you. Remember NO communication and/or documents with and from anybody but your legal representative.

Do not falter when denials of your claim, statements staying otherwise, and/or threats are given to you. You have every right to file this claim and be compensated for your semi-truck accident injuries. And you have an experienced lawyer to assist you throughout this process.

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