It is warned by Directors George Lucas and Steven Spielberg that film industry happens to be in the danger of being meltdown.

According to them, it would become really difficult to get the smaller films to the theatres as Hollywood is currently relying on releases of big budget.

In one speech, Spielberg said that Lincoln was almost prepared for HBO due to struggles to get it in the cinemas. He said that the pathway of getting into theatres was to become smaller. He said that one has to pay around $25 for next part of Iron Man and probably only $7 to watch Lincoln.

According to George Lucas, a model same as theatre pricing could be seen by him, where only few films got released and they kept on being in cinema for quite a time and the ticket charges increased according to the film.

During one interview, Lord David Puttnam, president of Film Distributors’ Association, who represents Hollywood studios’ United Kingdom distribution arms, agreed that a change was required. According to him, each film had its own challenge of marketing and pretending that a single size fits in all, in every marketing aspect, be it poster, media buy or window, is like flying in reality’s face.

According to Lord Puttnam, film industry shouldn’t place any artificial barrier between film and audience and also said that some current methods weren’t sustainable. Further, he said that film industry should not have the rules that disadvantage the individual products in the individual movies and every film ought to be judged according to its merits.

He also said the basic point of optimizing revenue of a particular movie as well as allowing Film Y to suffer just because films X and Z had some particular window doesn’t make much sense. He thinks that customers should watch the film that they want and where they do want.