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Find Your Balance: 7 Health Benefits of Balance Boards

Balance boards are popular in the sports world because they make exercising fun! With numerous health benefits such as balance and stability, enhance coordination, and increase functional strength, a majority of Americans use balance boards in their day to day activities.

They can build up your core, fix posture, and fit into many sections of your daily routine. Learn more about the health benefits of balance boards.

Helps Prevent Injury

Balance board training strengthens the key joints that are prone to injury. It works on the ankle joint, making it more robust, agile and strong. This helps in ankle strengthening thus reducing ankle sprains which are a common injury in the sporting arena.

Numerous injuries are as a result of poor balance and coordination. Regular balance board training increase awareness so you are keener when danger arises thus preventing injuries.

Improves Posture

Technology advancement means that people spend hours on our computers, laptops or phones. We end up with a lower back that’s almost circular in shape and forward dropping shoulders. This affects our spin resulting in poor posture.

Improve posture by regular training on a balance board. Good posture projects confidence and positive self-image.

Reduces Back Pain

Back muscles are forced to work harder when abs which are the front attachment point for the spine are weak. The result is an imbalance which leads tight back muscles and poorly aligned spine causing excruciating back pain. Since balance boards improve posture, they are a great bet for people with back pain.

Aids in Rehabilitation

Introducing stability training to rehab programs after a sporting or work-related injury speeds up the recovery process. Physical therapists advocate for incorporating dynamic and static balance training into recovery programs.

This helps in supporting posture when standing and maintaining balance during movements. That’s why balance boards are a great addition to your rehabilitation programs.

Strength Building

Exercising on balance board increases the strength of the chest, thighs and back muscles. A successful lift will engage all these muscles. The imbalance in the lift position forces contraction of small stabilizer muscles enabling you to balance and remain stable.

When exercising on the floor these muscles are not as engaged. This converter has a wide range of boards you can try for strength building.

Develops the Mind-Muscle Connection

Besides strengthening your body, balance boards strengthen your mind too. You need to concentrate and react fast during movements. Repeated movements improve your mental response to tasks, improving brain functions.

Keeps You More Alert

Working on a desk increases your chances of falling asleep fast whereas, on a balance board, the movements will keep you powered up. You must stay more alert and aware of your body positioning and therefore will not snooze off. A standing desk is used together with balance boards for this reason.

Benefits of Balance Boards

Developing balance and posture is beneficial to everybody since it affects daily activities and quality of life. A lot of fitness programs use balance boards to improve posture and balance. In fact, kids with cerebral palsy can acquire coordination skills from regular training.

Adults in sports or in the office achieve numerous benefits from balance boards having worked all day either standing or sitting.

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