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FinoTrend Review: Select the Right Account Type for You

Selecting the right account type is very crucial when we’re going ahead with Forex trading. The main reason is that different account types have different features. Moreover, they also have a different account deposit that needs to be maintained. But what most brokerage platforms don’t understand is that they don’t have segmentation for different account types. This is where they are lagging behind in terms of customer experience.

FinoTrend Has captured this pain point and has moved forward to diversify its account types based on the customer type. We might wonder that this is a very trivial change, but it has resulted in an improved customer experience.

In this article, we’ll find out the main reason for doing this. Moreover, we’ll also look into The different account types that are available with FinoTrend.

Why do we need different account types?

The main answer to this is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is very important which comes through the customer experience. Not every customer during their Forex trading journey is at the same level. While similar to beginners. Some might have an experience of a couple of years while others are a pro into this.

so everyone will not be requiring the same set of features moreover different types of accounts also come along with an account deposit fee which cannot be afforded by beginners.

This is the reason why it is very crucial for traders to have different account types.

Not only does it reduce the burden on the traders but it was ensured that the trading platform offers diversified account portfolio options too.

Availability of different types of accounts with FinoTrend

In total, there are five different types of accounts that the brokerage platform offers. For beginners, they can go ahead with the big inner type of account, whereas the ones with a little bit of experience can move on with the Trader account.

For the traders, having an experience between 5 to 15 years can go ahead with the VIP & Expert account, whereas the full-time professionals have Exclusive account types for them.

When it comes to trading, this becomes very crucial since every account type is having a different set of features.

While all of them allow an account manager to support the traders along with the availability of customer support, some add-on premium features like trading signals and unlimited open positions are available to a few types only.

Isn’t it really exciting to have a trading account that gives you multiple features based on how much you pay?

The last differentiating factor is the amount of deposit that varies based on the account type. Since there is a difference in the account deposit fee, it takes care of the fact that the big inner account type has a lower account deposit fee compared to the Exclusive one.

Bottom line

Trading in the Forex market can be quite difficult, but with the right account type, you are just making sure that you step on the right foot. This ensures that you don’t miss out on the benefits offered to you. FinoTrend takes care of this and thus gives you the confidence to move forward in your forex trading career with ease.

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