Bad habits can quickly get out of control if you are not vigilant and try to control them. It isn’t healthy to take drugs, alcohol, or gamble when you’re under stress, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go to a rehab facility or see a therapist.

However, there are signs you need to be aware of that indicate that it is time to seek professional help for addiction. Consider these signs and ask for help if they are familiar to you.

Five Signs You Need Help for Addiction

Driving Under the Influence

Although you are not caught, it is extremely dangerous to drive a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drunk driving is responsible for approximately 30 people dying every day in the United States.

Sometimes that can be the driver, sometimes a passenger or entire families can be killed by driving under the influence. If you regularly drive a car or other vehicles while drunk, high, or buzzed, you need to get help.

Hiding Your Habit

Although you may not consider yourself an addict, if you hide gambling, alcohol, or drug use from your family, friends, or the company you work for, this is a sign of addiction. 

Although you may think it is no one’s business but your own, how you behave under the influence affects everyone around you.

Risky behaviors like driving under the influence, spending all your money or showing up late for appointments, work, or family activities directly impacts your work, health, and the relationships that you may care about. 

If you’re always late or lying, take it as a sign to seek out help for your addiction.

Disciplinary Action

If you’ve been in trouble at school, with the police, or at work, then it is time to acknowledge your addiction. Losing a job, being barred from school or arrested are signs that your life may be out of control.

You can get help by going to a 12-step program, a therapist, or by checking into a rehabilitation center. If you need help finding a rehab, go to New Day Recovery to determine if it’s the right facility for your needs.

Problems with Relationships

Addictive behaviors can cause people to strike out at others when they’re under the influence or upset about losing money. If you’re striking out at your parents, spouse, children, or close friends, then you need to consider seeking help.

Destroying the relationships you have could leave you without supportive help when you need it the most. Don’t lose the people you love and care about due to an addiction, but reach out for help. Either start going to therapy, rehab, or talk to clergy if you attend church.

Health Problems

Drug and alcohol addiction can cut short some addicts’ lives if they don’t get help. Taking drugs like heroin or cocaine can lead to sudden death or alcoholism can eat away at the liver and other organs in the body.

Other problems that addicts face is brain damage, falls, headaches, and impotence. Don’t risk permanent damage to your health but take the steps necessary to get help with your addiction.

It isn’t always easy to ask for help, but if the way your life is changing is creating problems, then you need to seek help to recover from your alcohol, drug, or gambling habit. 

The effort you put into your recovery will increase the quality of your life and improve the relationships with those you love.

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