Antony Jenkins the boss of Barclay bank says they need 5 to 10 years to gain back their customer’s trust for their services.


Antony Jenkins told while addressing the students of Brooke House Sixth college at London on the event organized on the charity member’s order of the school

He said that “progressive loss of vision of what banks are for” and told that some mistakes in business are actually lesson for the business owner to learn how to fight with the problems.

He told that after 2008 with financial crisis it was difficult to reform the business culture for banks.

“I came across senior members of the City who were still absolutely in denial about what happened in 2008,”

BBC reporters ask Archbishop Welby &  Mr Jenkins in a programme  about the similarities of bank leaders and the leaders of church of England and they shared their thinking about “Where Banks Need To Go”

Archbishop has embarrassed on investing in the churches and he told that last year was quite challenging for the banks with miss-selling  and compensation claims also because of investigation into the markets rigging

In the program Helena Morrissey was also invited who is chief executive of the newton investment management to ask about the responsibilities of the leaders for the business and the business community to boast the business culture for stability.

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