Living in the moment and ensuring your children are happy and healthy today is a wonderful thing, but you’ve also got to think about their future. Here are some important things to help you make a healthy and happy life for them a reality.

Starting to save money for your children as early as possible is not just about securing extra money for them. It also benefits their health! You know how horrible it is when you face a rainy day and don’t have money to help you through. Now imagine how much worse when the rainy day is a health emergency! Saving money and good health sometimes go hand in hand and teaching this to your kids from an early age empowers them to ensure they always have emergency funds available for health-related (as well as other) difficult situations. Healthcare can become really expensive and we all need to be prepared financially and try to be insured as best as possible within our means.

Lead by Example to Keep Them Healthy

You know that kids are watching what you do more than taking what you say into consideration. That means you need to lead a healthy lifestyle yourself if you want your children to follow the rules you give them, such as not smoking, drinking excessively or eating lots of junk food. A survey of over 500 families showed that when parents consumed fruits and vegetables, this strongly predicted that children in the family would be more likely to eat those foods. Watch how you relate to diet, fitness and stress, so that your children will pick up your healthy habits and stick with them.

Secure a Healthy Future For Their Children

Get Them on a Health Plan

One of the most important things you can do for your children is to get them on a health plan as soon as they’re born. Get in touch with your insurance company in order to do this but act quickly – companies require babies to be enrolled within a month of their birth. If you get health insurance from your job then you must call your HR department to enrol your baby. Health insurance will cover a variety of health-related events in your newborn’s life, such as check-ups and vaccines that prevent serious illnesses, such as tetanus and meningitis.

Choose the Right Doctor For Your Child

Finding a doctor for your child is an essential part of securing your child’s health. You’ll be visiting this doctor many times as soon as your child is born for check-ups but you also want a doctor who will make you feel secure whenever you feel the need to bring your child to them.

What should you look for in a doctor? This might vary from person to person, however you want to look for some important things, such as how your child reacts to the doctor, how the doctor deals with your child, how you feel around the doctor (for instance, do you feel at ease and comfortable to ask questions?), how the doctor listens to your concerns, and so on. Even if you get a doctor recommendation from someone you know or a colleague, you want to visit them  yourself to find the right one for you.

Spend Quality Time

While you’re ensuring that you cover your children’s medical bills and buy healthy foods for the home, what about the time you spend with them? This is a crucial element of raising healthy, happy children because it is during time with your children in a comfortable and safe place that they will reveal their feelings.

Allow your child to choose the task or activity during this quality time together, such as playing with their toys, because this gives them a chance to express what’s on their mind in a relaxed environment. Another idea is to listen to music while you spend time together – this not only creates a soothing environment for them to unleash their feelings but music also has many other benefits for children.

By bringing to light your children’s feelings, thought and fears through quality time together, you not only create a special bond and help them build their emotional health, but you can spot any potentially serious problems that could require professional assistance.

Looking after your children’s health involves nurturing their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Make health a priority and this will ensure your children do the same for themselves as they get older.

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