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Flag Day Fun: The 10 Best State Flags in America

We all know and love the American flag, which came into existence on June 14, 1777. The iconic stars and stripes are instantly recognizable for people all over the world.

While practically everyone knows what the American flag looks like, few know what the flags of all 50 states look like. While we won’t go through all of them, here are the top 10 state flags in America.

1. Iowa

Iowa’s state flag is pretty regal. On a background of 3 vertical stripes of blue, white, and red, there’s a bald eagle on the middle white panel. This is a reflection of the state being part of the French Louisiana Territory.

In in the bird’s beak, it holds a blue ribbon that says “our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.” Then, below the eagle, it says “Iowa” in red caps.

2. Tennessee

This flag has quite a simple design. The flag is red, and in the middle is a blue circle with a white outline. Inside the circle are 3 white stars. on the right is a thin white vertical stripe and a thicker blue vertical stripe.

The inspiration for Tennessee’s state flag came from the Confederate flag.

3. Rhode Island

If you caught a glimpse of this flag, you wouldn’t have thought it was a state flag. It uses a white background and has a golden anchor in the middle, which is surrounded by 13 old stars.

Underneath the anchor is a blue ribbon that says “Hope” in gold caps. This flag’s been in use ever since 1897.

4. Washington

Washington’s flag pays tribute to the man the state was named after. The flag has a green background and a circle in the middle.

The circle has a black outline and a golden border. It reads “The seal of the state of Washington 1889” in black caps. On the inside is a portrait of Washington against a light blue background.

This is the only state flag that uses green as the main color. It’s also the only state flag that uses the image of an American president.

5. Louisiana

Louisiana was a Confederate state, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by their state flag. On this blue flag is an adult pelican sitting over 3 babies in a nest, with drops of blood on its chest from tearing its own flesh. Under this picture is a white ribbon reading “Union justice and confidence” in blue caps.

Although this flag has been in use ever since 1912, there’s been an updated version in use since 2010.

6. California

The Californian flag is an iconic one. On a backdrop of white is a grizzly bear on some grass, with “California Republic” written underneath it in black caps.

To the top left of the bear is a single red star, and there is a single horizontal red stripe on the bottom of the flag.

This flag was adopted in 1911 and was first used in the 1846 Bear Flag Revolt.

7. Maryland

If you’re looking for a flag that really stands out, this one’s it. It consists of 4 panels, with 2 designs that mirror one another diagonally.

One design has black and yellow checkers that are slanted. This is the Calvert family banner, which was awarded to George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore. He was given this family banner for his efforts in storming a fort.

The other design is red and white, and has a cross bottony. This is the Crossland family’s coat of arms; they were from South Crosland in West Yorkshire, England. Lord Calvert’s mother was from there, and he was able to use this coat of arms since his mother was an heiress.

An interesting note about this flag is it’s one of the 4 flags in the US that don’t use the color blue. It’s also the only one that has direct links to English heraldry.

8. Texas

The Texas flag is an interesting one since it looks like a condensed version of the American flag. It has one white star on a blue vertical background, and two horizontal stripes colored red and white. It is for this reason that Texas is nicknamed “The Lone Star State.”

Only 3 current flags of the United States have ever been a national flag, and that includes Texas. It became the official national flag for the Republic of Texas in 1839, and when Texas became a state in 1845, it became the state flag.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Texas rebel flag, see options on Ultimate Flag’s website.

9. Mississippi

Mississippi’s flag looks similar to the one from Texas, but with some minor differences.

On the top-left corner is the Confederate symbol. Next to it are two horizontal stripes: blue and white. On the bottom of the flag is a singular vertical red stripe.

Currently, it’s the only flag in the US with the Confederate symbol still in its design. Since the South Carolina church shooting in 2015, there have been calls to instate a new design. A potential candidate is the Stennis flag, which has a large blue star surrounded by 19 smaller blue stars on a white background, and two outer vertical red stripes.

10. Hawaii

Hawaii’s flag may make some people dizzy. In the top-left corner is the British flag, then there are 8 horizontal stripes of white, red, and blue.

This flag was designed at the request of King Kamehameha I. It’s the only American flag that has a national flag of a current foreign country.

State Flags Have Great Backgrounds

When you take a look at our state flags, they all have their own special touch and reflect on all the history this country has. Now you know a little more on the top 10 state flags and can educate others on how they came to be.

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