Ford is one of the U.S.’s oldest companies and has owned more than 5 luxury lines in its time including Aston Martin, currently it is one of the oldest family owned companies in the world.  Currently headquartered out of Detroit and made up of Ford and Chrysler it is a beacon of American innovation and history.

Ford has had increasing sales as well as the U.S. is coming out of the recession and is beginning to buy again and now has money in its pocket ready to spend.  And Ford has some amazing discounts and rebates that it is offering to its customers to remain competitive and vigilant in the course of all of the competition.  And so you have bought a new ford vehicle now but how do you know how much your rebate is for now?

    • Go to hit on the link “Check rebate status first”.


  • Next enter in your rebate tracking number and email address and click continue.
  • Following this the application will launch and will tell you the status of your rebate.

If you need more assistance after this you can email or call [email protected] or 877-310-3673

  • And then you will be able to speak to a Ford representative who will be able to assist you with information related to your rebate.
  • By checking your rebate you will know all of the basics and when you will be receiving your rebate.

The economy is reaching a great time right now for the purchase of a new car and the benefits which Ford is offering are quite enticing.  They offer warranties along with extended maintenance and a discounted price.  Check out some of the amazing deals which Ford is currently offering also with the knowledge that Ford is offering some of the most innovative options right now as well with high fuel mileage and amazing rebates.

Ford is also known for their customer service and their new outlook and company policy which puts customers and satisfaction before all else.  There has never been a better time for innovation, price, and rebate to buy a Ford.

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