Four Men were arrested due to connection with Barclay bank computer theft and charged £1.3 Million Penalty.

Recently the Barclay Bank computer robbery news comes in front of media by the reliable resource and the informed the police for inquires. Soon the police and investigation agents started their investigation to find the thieves.

Police become successful for catching the robbers due to their deep investigation strategies. They found the money transfer from the stolen computer to the Swiss Cottage. Police agent told that they approached the address of the person using the computer.

On accessing the Man at the address they found property, cash, jewelry and other worth able items at his place. Now Westminster Magistrates court called the person for the hearing.

Afterward Two more crooks were caught from different location Michael Victor Harper, age of 26 caught from North West London, Lewis James Murphy age of 29 caught from the central London and they were using the bank account illegally and were transferring cash to their account.

After that Darius Bolder age 34 was also caught by police at the location of central London, and they 4 declared that they were using the illegal bank account by taking all computer records.

Court has announced £1.3 fine on these 4 ones for the fraud case.

Recently they have bailed by court, bank owners said that by this fine they will be able to cover significant amount of loss at their end.

Due to this theft Barclay bank customers felt very insecurity for the personal data, and bank is facing lots of criticism and pressure by the customers.

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