Are you a small to medium-sized business that is having a really hard time attracting top talent? Does it feel like you can’t seem to attract those with the necessary experience, credentials, and knowledge that will help move the company forward in pursuit of its goals? Before you get frustrated with the process, we’ve gone ahead and listed a few ways you can start attracting top talent. From group benefits to taking a closer look at the work environment, here are some options for you.

1. Offer Employees a Group Benefits Plan 

One of the most effective ways you can attract top talent to your company is to offer a robust group benefits plan that has all kinds of inclusions. This alone can capture the attention of employees and be more effective than a salary increase. At the same time, you want to be sure it’s a plan that delivers all the top things employees would want, such as extended health care, taking it much further than just prescription drug coverage.

Some companies will even offer employees a choice of a couple of packages, all priced differently, giving them control over what their portion of the premium is (if you plan to share the payment), and what kind of coverage they want and need.

2. Promote from Within

Another tip is to ensure that you are promoting from within and giving employees a chance to build on their future. Employees want to know that it’s worth sticking around and that there is a future for them with your company. Promoting from within will show that you see employees as an investment and both value and appreciate them.

You can also offer free training courses, or at least subsidized, that will encourage employees to build on their skills and knowledge. This is a win-win because they will feel as though they are furthering their careers, and you will end up with more skilled employees.

3. Create a Culture that Promotes Respect and Professionalism

The culture and workplace environment will also take you far in trying to attract top talent. You want to build a name for your brand wherein you value your employees, you treat them well, you listen to them, you encourage them, and there is a true team atmosphere rather than every person for themselves. Word will get out that you’re a good employer to work for and you can bet that people are going to start showing interest.

4. Set Up an Employee Referral System

You can also set up an employee referral system whereby if you are given a referral by a current employee that leads to a new hire, that employee will get some sort of incentive or bonus. Maybe an extra vacation day, a bonus, a points system, anything that encourages employees to bring in talent.

Building a Company Filled with Top Talent

By using each of these tips, you’ll be working to build a company that is absolutely stacked full of the best of the best where talent is concerned.

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