France: Rabies Issues Are Arises After The Death Of Kitten


In France the danger of rabies disease again arises with the death of kittens


It is reported that rabies was eliminated from the France years ago but authorities of this country has faced the case of it again after the death of the kitten.

In Argenteuil three day ago a die kitten was found, this dead body was found two month ago of this report.

Ministry of Agriculture has tested the five victim patients and start investigation on getting the reason of their disease. They found kitten and they bring it to the laboratory for the investigation.

In 2001 France was considered as free from the rabies and after then in 2008 they imported a dog from the morocco which make infected others dogs and the disease again arise at their country.

Agriculture Ministry told that

β€œIt is extremely important to find all the people, particularly the owner, or any animals that have been in contact with the kitten, its mother and other kittens of the litter,”

Now authorities have started the helpline for the people to consult them to know about this disease and its precautions.

12 years ago the France has been declared as the rabies free by eliminated all the rabies fox at their country. France is considered as the non flying rabies free country. France was successful to maintain this status till 2008, because due to canine rabies there rabies zone was not more secure by this disease.

After the 2 years they again gain the free rabies status for their land and now this case has again put all authorizes into the tension of eliminating this disease from their country.

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