Many businesses and publicly run organizations have a need for one or more minibuses to help facilitate their daily operations. Schools often run a fleet of minibuses to transport their pupils to and from school each day or can own such a vehicle to enable safe and efficient transport for school trips. Increasingly many taxi firms will also include minibuses in their fleet of vehicles so they can cater for larger groups of people than a standard five- or six-seater taxi can provide. This can be especially vital for groups of tourists who need transport to their local airport with large suitcases that cannot be transported in conventional cars. Today when businesses and organizations look for a minibus to suit their needs, they increasingly choose French vehicle brands. Such minibuses tend to be competitively priced and offer design and functionality with an emphasis on reliability. This article describes two types of minibus that are produced by French manufacturers which are perfectly suited to the needs of businesses or schools.

Reliable French Vehicle Brands

Why are French vehicle brands reliable?

Recent studies have suggested that French vehicles are more reliable than their German counterparts. This may be a surprising fact to many people who view German vehicles as the zenith of reliability, but driver surveys have concluded that some French vehicle brands of vehicle have the most satisfied customers. This is largely because the French manufacturers have made significant leaps in terms of engine reliability and build quality of the vehicles in recent decades. The same advances are carried over throughout their entire range of vehicles including the minibuses they manufacture.

French Vehicle

Β Citroen Flexilite minibus

The Citroen Flexilite is a hugely popular choice for schools and businesses to cover all their transport needs and can be bought, hired or leased from companies such as The Minibus Centre. It uses innovative and lightweight materials in its construction that allow for efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and the overall running costs. Quality is at the fore in every part of its construction and as a result the vehicle is offered with a 12-year anti corrosion warranty as standard. When you realize how many miles such minibuses will cover over the course of use and the fact they will be driven for considerable distances in all types of weather, this warranty is one keyway in which the reliability of the vehicle is demonstrated. The vehicle can hold up to seventeen people in comfort and safety and has the potential to be modified for wheelchair access.

Peugeot Flexilite minibus

Peugeot Flexilite minibus

The Peugeot Flexilite minibus is a broadly similar offering to the Citroen. The main difference is that it holds fifteen people instead of seventeen and is therefore more suitable for the transport of slightly smaller groups of people. It also features a 12-year anti perforation warranty which is testament to its exceptional build quality. Key technical features include anti-lock brakes as standard along with electronic brake force distribution that allows varying amounts of braking pressure to be applied to each wheel depending on the load. Its highly efficient engine allows it to achieve a combined fuel consumption of 40.1 mpg which is impressive for a vehicle of its size.

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