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Fun and Creative Ways to Advertise Your Business

Creating your own business can be a long, hard, tiring journey. Whether you have a great product or service to share, marketing and advertising is a vital step of the process. If your business is difficult to find at its location or via the web, it may result in poor sales. That’s why it’s important to have a solid marketing plan. Developing a plan to build a client base can be intimidating but have great rewards. There are many ways to get potential customers interested in you and your product. Here are some fun and creative ways to advertise for your business.

Organize your way to better business

Running your own place, website, and various social media platforms takes a lot of time. Organization may not be your forte, but keep in mind that it can better help you manage your schedule and business. If you don’t have a good grasp on how to set up for success, there are plenty of books and classes to take online. You can even ask your local librarian if there are any courses within the library network for you to enroll in. These structured classes and workshops show you how to cut the clutter and utilize your new skills into your work. They can help you write a well-versed business letter, redo your office space, find your way through Excel programs, and create clear plans to run your business more efficiently. Professional organizers can also come to your office (or home) to help show you set up your operation with limited space. For example, if you have a small boutique, there may be unique ways to utilize walls, corners, and even hanging fixtures to display your products.

Utilizing social media and WOMM

WOMM, or word of mouth marketing, means more than calling up a friend to describe the benefits of your product. Through word of mouth, there are ways to reach out to hundreds and even thousands of potential customers. Social media is a tool used in this type of marketing. Having your own account that can be shared many times increases brand awareness. Hiring a photographer to display your product in different ways can be a great marketing investment. For example, for your family dentistry Instagram page, display before and after shots of patients and dental work. Also, photos of your staff wearing clothes that match toothbrushes can be fun.You can even create a mascot of sorts, like a googly-eyed toothbrush who travels around different places, which parents can show their kids. Humor is always a good bridge between you and current or future business.

Podcasts or Youtube channels can be added to your website for curious customers to tune into. Perhaps this weekend someone is looking into hosting a family barbeque and wondering what kind of tropical drinks to serve. If you own a liquor store, you can have a show with a guest mixologist creating drinks and explaining them step by step. There are also many DIY projects to be dreamed up with wine corks which can also be a part of your channel. This advertises your products and markets them towards crafters. It also reaches those looking for a different spin on staple favorites such as the cosmopolitan or a new take on a martini.

Promotions and business cards

Free promotional wall calendars, pens, mugs, and other giveaway items help spread the word about your business. Gifts can also help to develop a good relationship between you and customers. Adding your business information directly to your own products can be a way to entice people. Another good tactic is to create an interesting business card to hand out. There are also dozens of styles of business cards that can reflect the feel of your business. You may already have a set design in mind, or you can choose from hundreds of colors, lettering, and different textures. You can get these cards in small squares or even skinny, short rectangles. A sleek and unique business card can be the difference of someone tossing it away to wondering what your products are all about.
In today’s world, advertising is everything. Use these tips to help you learn more about the marketing process and establish a plan to connect with your customers and increase your brand awareness.

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