This Tuesday, Organizing for Action, grassroots organization which is successor of the campaign of re-election by Obama in 2012, sent out one email invoking 1999 shooting on Columbine High School, as written by father of one boy who had lost life in this tragedy.

The email, written by Tom Mauser from Colo., begins this way,

β€œMy son, Daniel, was a smart, quiet kid. On April 20th, 1999, my beautiful and bright 15-year-old son was killed by two teenagers with guns in the library of Columbine High School β€” one of 12 innocent kids who lost their lives for no reason at all.”

This email, sent with the hopes to raise funds for efforts of gun control by Obama, claimed that Congress failed to just take an action with common sense to keep the tragedies such as Columbine from really happening.

Mauser wrote that even though 9 in ten Americans agreed that it was time to just act through expanding the background checks for closing the loopholes which put the guns in hands of the dangerous people,”

Email also publicized an event on Wednesday regarding one Day of Action on national level to ask the Congress members: What’ll it take for finally acting to prevent the gun violence?

Mauser also said,

β€œThe last questions you ever want to hear as a parent are: β€˜What was your child wearing, and do you have any dental records?”

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