All good marketers want consumers to have a positive image of the brand that they represent. But branding is a difficult pursuit that could go awry if your marketing appeals fall flat with intended audiences. Branding ultimately comes down to using various appeals to influence what consumers think of your goods or services.

The Power of Freebies: Promotional Travel Items

That people love free things is no big secret. The better and more useful the free things are, the more that they love them.

That is why promotional freebies remain highly useful in the marketing world. For a relatively small investment in time and money, you can produce long-lasting marketing results among the public as well as highly targeted consumers.

Durable, Useful, and Reliable Products Work Best

Durable, Useful, and Reliable Products Work Best

You cannot give away cheap items that do not work properly and break quickly. Doing that only creates a negative image of your brand and will thwart your marketing efforts. Instead, you need to provide people with useful items that are durable and work reliably well.

If you can do that, then your promotional freebies stand a much better chance of producing a positive brand image in the minds of those who obtained free items. The useful nature of the items helps to affirm the useful nature of the organization that provided them. And with the logo emblazoned upon the free items, the recipients are sure to remember it.

Why You Should Consider Travel Items for Giveaways

Among the most useful things that you could give away to promote your brand are travel items. Many business travelers can make use of things like neck pillows that protect their necks against stiffness and pain. The horseshoe shape prevents your head and neck from leaning or turning at odd angles while you sleep and helps you to rest while on a busy trip.

Toiletry bags that look good and help travelers to stow away their preferred soaps, shampoos, shaving creams, and shavers are good examples of useful travel items. If you provide business travelers with items that make their travels easier and more convenient, they should maintain a positive brand image of your organization, too.

Quality Beverage Containers

Beverage Containers

Business travelers often need water to stay hydrated. And a hot mug of coffee while driving a rental car helps to keep you alert while traveling. Water bottles, logo coffee mugs, and thermoses that are durable and made well can perform very well as branding tools.

You can order customized versions that are very appealing aesthetically and solve a need for the business traveler. A quality beverage container becomes a favored item and can drive home a very positive brand image.

Mobile Office Tools

Business travelers need to take notes and perform traditional business work while on the road. A mobile office kit is a great way to help them do that. Instead of carrying around full-sized staplers, large notepads, and a large supply of pens, you can provide them with a convenient travel office kit.

The kit should be small enough to fit in a hip pocket and contain things like a travel-sized stapler and sticky notes that help to organize work. Business folders can help business travelers to keep notes and stay organized while attending trade shows and while at the office when not on business trips. Office pens that are stylish and built to last with replaceable ink cartridges can round out a good travel office kit with promotional logos on them for branding.

Aids for Electronic Devices

Virtually all travelers carry cellphones and other mobile devices with them. A business traveler certainly will bring along a laptop and maybe a tablet device or other mobile electronics to get work done and stay connected. A variety of electronic devices can help to make those items more useful.

Earbuds can help travelers to listen to music streaming from their cellphones while on airplanes. Charging cables help to charge batteries while not in use. And if the batteries do go dead, a portable charger with your business logo will save the day. Those are just a few examples of the many wonderful promotional items you could use to generate a better brand image among business travelers.

Benefits of Tactile Marketing Appeals

Benefits of Tactile Marketing Appeals

Something that makes promotional items especially effective at brand marketing is the tactile feel of the marketing appeal. Tactile marketing refers to the ability to touch and feel the promotional item instead of having to remember it.

At a time when digital marketing dominates many marketers’ efforts, tactile marketing really stands out when done well. Tactile marketing has the benefit of being able to go with consumers while they are traveling. Their repeated use and ready solutions for minor problems that often plague travelers help to make lifesavers out of them. And that helps to make a lifesaver out of your brand.

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