Get Cash Instantly with Kviku

Kviku is an online lender registered with the Securities Exchange Commission in the Philippines. The platform is looking to revolutionize online lending in developing countries with its quick and easy online loan application. If you haven’t heard of Kviku before, here is a review of Kviku to get you up to date on the services, loan requirements, and payments.

Easy three-step process loan applications

What makes Kviku unique is the elimination of human intervention when it comes to loans. Studies have pointed out that an increase in human intervention can affect loan applications negatively. Kviku completely lends out loans online and the process is extremely easy.

Fill out the application

You can start by filling out the online application. You will be required to provide the amount you wish to take out a loan, the payment period, and a government-issued ID card. You will also need to provide the money transfer details during the sign-up.


Once the form has been filled, the system will verify your details against your credit score which will allow it to release payment according to your threshold. You can even choose to receive the payment in your online wallets. You may not get the exact amount you have asked for if your credit score is low as this helps the company manage their risks just like any other bank would. The approval process is pretty quick and doesn’t take more than 20 minutes.

Receive money

Once approved, depending on the money transfer details provided and your bank, you may receive your loan in 1 to 2 working days. However, getting money into online wallets is fairly quick and takes less than 24 hours.

Kviku is looking to takeover bank lendings in the Philippines

The majority of the people are not able to get loans in the country due to cumbersome bank processes and the need to provide collateral against a loan. Once approved, the bank loan takes time to be disbursed into your account further affecting your financial situation. Kviku understands the local requirements for loans and introduces its online revolutionary loan disbursement platform.

Simple process

The online process is fairly simple. You’re not required to visit a bank or talk to a customer service officer for the loan. A few clicks on their website and you’re good to go. You can apply any time of the day or night regardless of the working hours making it a super convenient way of getting funds into your account.

Quick disbursements

The loans are disbursed into your account within 2 working days if it’s a bank and a few hours if you wish to receive the loan in your online wallets providing you with the right kind of financial freedom.

No hidden fees

Unlike banks that have a list of terms and conditions for taking out a loan, Kviku is far simpler and more transparent. Users can select the amount they wish to get and the payment period they are comfortable with. The online application calculates the percentage and payback amounts and that’s about it. There are no hidden charges or fees to use this service!

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