Sparkling Sonic is a chain of around about 3,500 or even more fast food restaurants. They are connected to one another and progressing in their work and give sonic survey. Now what basically this survey is that it helps in getting feedback from the customers wherever they are.

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What About Sonic Survey

It helps in improving their services. Customers are totally independent to give their point of view, their likes and dislikes. Through these feedbacks, there comes a change in services of sonic and quality of everything is improved.

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Requirements of Sonic Meridian

There are certain requirements which must be there and are strictly required for completing the above mentioned process.

  • Receipt is very important because it helps for your ID card number.
  • Obviously an internet connection is a must thing, without it you cannot do anything or access anything.
  • Another requirement is that you may have a cell phone in survey code which supports cookies.

Procedure For Taking Part

Online survey system has made it quite easy for customers to give their feedback. You can follow the following method to participate in giving the survey. Around about 10-20 minutes would be the duration of all this and it will be completed.

Rules of the survey

To participate in the survey, you must follow some rules. The rules are:

  • You must purchase at any Sonic store to enter the survey.
  • To participate in the survey, you must be a US resident.
  • Per receipt have only one survey and price.
  • The participants’ age must be 18 years or older for taking the survey.
  • You must save your receipt to enter the survey.
  •  after making the purchase you have to take this survey within 7 days.

Following is the method and all the requirements:

  • Go to the website that is
  • A dialogue box will appear and option will come for choosing the language.
  • You have to choose your language.
  • Then a box appears for the requirement of the ID number.
  • On the receipt which you must be having will have the ID number on it.
  • Next step will be that you will see a “start” button.
  • You have to click on it and go further.
  • For answering the questions related to survey, instructions will be given to you.
  • You have to follow all those instructions very carefully.
  • After answering the questions and completing previous steps, you will be issued a coupon code.
  • This coupon code will help you to exchange the offers. survey code has usage in this way.
  • To get any further details or information you will need to visit
  • Another link is also available which can give you further information that is

Survey Questions:

  1. You have to rate your satisfaction level at the store.
  2. You have to tell at the store which items you ordered.
  3. The drinks and food quality.
  4. How were the services and facilities?
  5. Have you faced any issues during your last visit?
  6. How was the behavior of the staff?

Prices and Rewords to the Survey

By taking part in the survey, you would be able to get the Free Sonic gifts from here. By completing the survey successfully you would be able to get 44 drinks. By using the survey coupon, you will get these prizes. One coupon will ensure you one prize. So, you have to select only one drink from the list.

  1. Free Ice Tea
  2. Slushes
  3. Limeades
  4. Cold Drinks
  5. Soft Drinks

Summing Up:

I hope the above discussion and the steps provided have solved all your queries and problems regarding doing the sonic survey meridian. It is very useful because if you will do this then home improvement will come in their work and the good news for you is that they give prizes to customers who do the sonic survey. So without wasting anytime just fill the sonic meridian and get your prize and gift card on time.

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