Having Instagram is a great way to reach a specific target when you want to sell on Shopify. Not only is it perfect for visual marketing for your business brand, but it also creates an ability to grow an audience that will be loyal.

In actuality, there are more than 500 million users that you have access to in which to create the following. Not only that but those same users make a daily visit to the social media platform. This means the possibility of engagement is through the roof.

However, you need to remember that there is a right way and wrong way to do things in order to achieve sales.

Throughout this article, we’ll explain the best ways that you can have Instagram work for you and how to show Shopify how to get more followers on Instagram so that your engagement can increase.

Make Sure That Your Hashtags are Correct

With Instagram, your main purpose is to ensure daily engagement among the audience but also increasing your amount of followers. When you post photos that are engaging, interesting, and new you are satisfying the first step. Now you need to start adding hashtags for the photos that you post. When you use hashtags, people are able to find what they are looking for just by the keyword used.

So now you need to figure out which hashtag is proper for your purpose because of Instagram users many different types. Using hashtags that are more popular will allow you to have users reached much easier and you will be discovered as well.

How to See Someone’s Likes on Instagram (In Secret!)

To properly tag your photos, you first have to locate hashtags that are relevant. This will require you to do research that will both allow your hashtags to describe the brand you are promoting as well as being the brand that everybody is searching for.

In order to know if hashtags are relevant, you can easily a few tools like Websta and IconoSquare.

Once you have some good relevant hashtags, make sure to use the 30 that Instagram allows for each posted photo. That way you have all of your bases covered. Keep in mind though, that keywords will often change without warning, so ensure to make appropriate updates to your hashtags.

Make Sure Your Timing for Posting is perfect

Besides adding great hashtags that will lead customers to your post, you need to ensure that the timing for each post is considered.

A good approach to reach a target can be completed by analyzing what methods worked the best before. If you visit IconoSquare, make sure to head to the area for optimization. There, you can receive an analysis of the posting’s engagement as well as history. As part of this analysis, you’ll also know what time and day work the best.

If you want to get more insight, you can learn all about Instagram Analytics. This is great knowledge to have especially when it comes to a Shopify business. To get started, just look for the option under the section labeled “Followers”.

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