So, you want to buy a Bluetooth headset as a trucker? Well, there are many factors to consider. First of all, do you need it? Are you going to use it every day or only for a few days a week? Do you want an earbud or a behind-the-ear style unit? Will it be used in loud environments?

Will it be dropped a lot? Do you want to use it for phone calls, or do you need hands-free music support?

Bluetooth Headset as a Trucker: Things to Consider

These are questions to ask before getting Bluetooth headsets for truckers. Getting the wrong unit can mean that you’ll keep it in your truck glove box forever while spending on something that doesn’t meet your needs.

Here are six features to consider.

Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation

Basic Bluetooth headsets don’t have noise cancellation at all; their microphones can barely pick up your voice when there’s no background noise.

If you drive in loud environments (or live with loud people like a wife and kids), try to get a built-in unit with active noise cancellation. It will pick up your voice while blocking out background noise so you can be heard by the person on the other end of the phone call.

Behind-the-Neck Style or Earbuds?

Earbud Bluetooth headsets are cheap, have good sound quality, are comfortable to wear for extended periods, and are easy to store in a pocket or your truck glove box.

On the other hand, they only work well if you wear them with an earpiece (in one ear) rather than both ears like most people will try to do. If it is not worn correctly, the microphone may pick up sounds from your shirt collar rubbing on the microphone, or the unit may fall out of your ear.

Most people will buy behind-the-neck Bluetooth headsets for truckers instead because they are easy to fit and don’t require wearing an earpiece. They also allow you to wear both earpieces if you want to.

Built-In Controls or Generic Remote Control?

Some units come with generic remote controls (volume buttons, power buttons, etc.) or built-in controls for making phone calls. Generic remotes can also be bought separately and used with many different Bluetooth headsets.

Some people like the convenience of built-in controls that let you quickly change the volume, accept a call, end a call, pair the unit with a phone, etc., while still keeping your eyes open and both hands on the steering wheel.

Others prefer to get generic remotes because they can be used with multiple Bluetooth headsets from different manufacturers and sold separately for replacement if lost or damaged.

Phone Call Controls, Music Playback Controls, or No Controls?

Phone Call Controls, Music Playback Controls, or No Controls

Some units come with phone call controls (accept/end calls, volume up/down) or music playback controls (play/pause tracks). Units without these features usually rely on voice prompts and voice commands to perform basic tasks like answering a phone call and playing/pausing music.

If you plan to use your Bluetooth headset for phone calls and listening to music, get a unit with the features you need. If not, then one without these features will be fine.

Button Placement and Design

According to reports, the major applications of the Bluetooth smart and smart ready market include consumer electronics, automotive, wearable electronics, accessories, and healthcare.

The button placement is often overlooked but can mean the difference between comfortably using the unit with ease and not being comfortable using it at all.

Make sure that you can quickly press buttons without looking and find a suitable spot for the unit on your dash/center console (softer materials are better).

Battery Life, Charging Cradle, Car Charger, and USB Cable Compatibility

All Bluetooth headsets come with a charging cable, but some are proprietary and cannot be plugged into generic USB cables.

Some units come with charging cradles that dock the headset for more accessible storage, while others do not require docking (simply plugging in the unit will start recharging).

Battery Life, Charging Cradle, Car Charger, and USB Cable Compatibility

It can also be valuable to determine how long the unit can run and how long it takes to recharge after it’s completely dead.

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