If you want to drive a motorcycle on the road or highway you’ll have to get a special license to do so. There are different laws state to state, however, every state requires you to have a certain license to drive a motorcycle or permit bike on the road.  

First, you’ll want to obtain a motorcycle operators manual. This will help you study for certain questions on the written test. Each state provides this so you can study before your test.  Most states allow you to attain a learner’s permit. The learner’s permit allows you to practice driving the roads. This will help you pass the driving skills test and to eventually get your motorcycle license.  

Keep in mind the learner’s permit comes with some restrictions and you should obey them. For example, you can only drive with a licensed driver over the age of 25. You also have to wear the correct protective equipment at all times. Some states don’t let you drive in the nighttime with a learner’s permit as well.

Practicing is the best way to pass your motorcycle skills test the very first time. Also, you should become extremely familiar with the laws of the road. Even if you think you know everything there is something you surely can learn. The instructors aren’t very forgiving when it comes to the motorcycle test. This is due to the fact that riding a motorcycle is extremely dangerous. So they hold riders up to a higher standard than a regular auto driving test.

What are The Skills You’ll Need?

When taking the motorcycle test there are certain skills you’ll be tested on. These skills include start-up procedures, turning, surrounding awareness, speed, stopping, and balance on the bike.  You will probably have to drive through an obstacle course. This will test your level of driving skill and allow the evaluator to judge your competency with the motorcycle.

You should contact your local DMV and gather any information about the test or their procedures. You can also ask the instructor questions when you arrive. Another thing you should consider is taking a motorcycle rider course. In the course, you will learn the skills needed to pass the test. This is especially a good idea for those who have never ridden a motorcycle much. Also, some of the courses will give you your license without ever having to go into the DMV.
Some other things to keep in mind to pass your motorcycle test are to use a smaller bike if you can. This will help you maneuver better through the course. Also, remember to double check your bike. Make sure all the functions are working properly such as turn signals.  Don’t forget to show up for your test with a licensed driver and don’t be late.

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