This Young Lady Was Kicked Out of Prom After Being Caught Short

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It Was The Dress That Did It

For young American teenagers prom is a coming of age event. Prom  is meant to be a night of warm memories and fun and laughter spent with close friends. Clare Ettinger of Richmond, VA, however, had that moment ripped away from her when she was kicked out of prom for wearing a dress that was too short, or so the teachers say!

Clare and James Thompson, her boyfriend made their way to a homeschool prom. Clare was 17 and the prom was to be themed “Twilight in Paris.” Both teenagers were excited to be going to such a memorable and thrilling event. James had even purchased the event tickets to the prom way in advance. They both looked good and felt a million dollars. There was nothing, or so they thought, that could rob them of this special teenage night.

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