Perhaps the first thing you should understand about shopping for and buying the LED flood lights is that they are flood lights. Of course, your reaction may be to say, “That’s obvious.” But, there’s more to the statement than the obvious. Flood lights of all kinds have made outdoor activity possible, and have also made that activity much safer than before electricity.

Consider the introduction of street lights, for example, or any powerful light installed at a distance from the ground. This allows pedestrians to walk about more safely by illuminating areas that would otherwise be dark and potentially dangerous. Outdoor lights of all types, including the brightest outdoor LED flood lights, have also allowed people to entertain, relax, even play games at night, when weather permits.

Why LED?

For decades, people have used incandescent bulbs and other lighting methods for these purposes. The introduction of, and improvement in, the LED flood lights means benefits beyond lighting up a specific area, residential or commercial. Consider these additional benefits when you talk with your lighting specialist.

·   Durable, Long Lasting

The outdoor LED flood lights give you illumination at a broad angle, which is certainly important in warehouses, stadiums, playgrounds, and the outside of your home. However, light-emitting diode (LED) technology will last longer, as much as 10 times longer than fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent bulbs. In basic terms, you won’t have to be concerned about replacement for a very long time. One study showed a quality LED fixture used 10 hours a day can last 20 years.

·   “Green” and Inexpensive

The LED floodlights help you do your part for the environment. Fewer bulbs are discarded because they last so long. In addition, you will spend less on utility bills because these new lights require less electricity to produce the same illumination, in many cases as much as 70% or 80% less. Think of LED flood lights as the energy-friendly alternative.

·   Less Heat, Low Maintenance

This benefit combines two important factors in one. Those classic bulbs, especially incandescent bulbs, used a lot of electricity to produce light. The rest of the electrical energy was lost to heat, which anyone can verify by touching a bulb that has been on for some time. Because the outdoor LED flood lights are so efficient, very little power is converted to heat. This means they last longer, so you will also save time and money on maintenance costs.

·   Perfect for Outdoor Use

You won’t have to worry about using the LED flood lights outside, simply because they aren’t affected by changes in temperature or weather conditions, as some traditional fixtures can be. They’ll produce consistent light in freezing conditions and stand up well to moisture. This makes them ideal for large indoor spaces as well, where temperature control is an issue (cold storage, warehouses).


Put all of these benefits together and you have efficient, consistent light that is safe and worry-free. You get bright conditions without paying too much, and you reduce the elements that could be harmful to the environment, such as mercury, lead, and carbon emissions.

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