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Giving Back: 5 Ways to Volunteer for Your Community

Giving back is getting into gear! A 2021 survey found that 81% of Americans donated money to charitable causes during 2021. That’s up from 73% in 2020.

But giving money to charity is just one volunteering opportunity you can do. If you are really interested in helping your community, you should look for as many opportunities as possible.

Where can you volunteer during the holidays? How can you help young and old people in your community? What should you do with your excess belongings?

Answer these questions and you can spread true generosity in less time than you think. Here are five ways you can help your community.

1. Work in a Soup Kitchen

Soup kitchens are extremely popular amongst unhoused and needy people during the holiday season. If your priority is to find volunteering opportunities during the holidays, working in a soup kitchen is one of your best options.

Sign up with a kitchen as soon as possible. Many kitchens require training or a practice session so you get up to speed.

2. Volunteer at a School

Your local school may need volunteers for many different activities. Someone may need to act as a chaperone at a field trip or group event. Classrooms may need teacher’s assistants or someone to help students with special needs.

Look at public and private schools so you have many different volunteering options. Keep in mind that some opportunities may be for one day while others require a long-term arrangement.

3. Tutor Young People

Some schools need tutors to help children with math and reading skills after classes. But you can also tutor young people if you have skills that they need help with.

If you’d like, you can charge fees for your services. If you’re looking to give back to the community, you can donate the money to a charitable cause. You can also ask your students to perform good deeds or give food to a food bank.

4. Help Old People

Old people have many needs. They may need rides to get from one location to another. They may need someone to help them prepare meals, dress, and clean their home.

You can help your neighbors on an informal basis. You can also join a volunteer senior companion program if you’re 55 years old or older and develop a personal bond with one or more elderly clients.

5. Donate Items You Don’t Need

You don’t have to dedicate an extensive amount of time in order to give to charity or help your community. If you have items in your home that you don’t use anymore, you can donate them to a shelter or a thrift store. You can even leave things out on the curb for people to pick up as they go by your house.

Put Your Back Into Giving Back

Don’t limit your opportunities for giving back to your community. You can feed people in a soup kitchen or you can assist in classrooms at your local schools. If you prefer to work with young people in private settings, you can mentor them.

Old people have many different needs, so consider working in a nursing home or joining a senior companion program. If you have too much stuff in your house, you can give items away to centers throughout your city.

You’ve only scratched the surface of volunteer work. Read about more volunteer opportunities by following our coverage.

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