Organisers of Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow said that the event would be fully “smoke-free”.

What’s decided is that tobacco controls would be introduced at all the competition venues as well as the “venue perimeters” .policy which is drawn up does meet requirements of World Health Organisation regarding the smoke-free sport event.

Health minister of Scotland, Michael Matheson praised these Games for the “progressive” policy of smoking .According to David Grevemberg, Glasgow 2014’s Chief Executive, the Glasgow 2014 happens to be keen and supportive in contributing to the health ambitions of Scottish government in long-term regarding smoking and it considered the policy of having smoke-free event as one appropriate step in achieving the ends, while also ensuring delivery of excellent Commonwealth Games.

Along with ban upon smoking at the venues, there wouldn’t be any tobacco products being sold at the venues, the accommodation areas as well as sales points that would be controlled by organizing committee.According to Mr Matheson, like celebration of the sporting excellence globally, Glasgow 2014 does recognise harm that’s caused by the tobacco, so it is implementing much progressive policy of smoking for Games compared to any of the other major events of sports held within Scotland.

He also added that bold steps as stopping tobacco sale in venues for Glasgow 2014 venues and prohibition of smoking in the public areas that are around stadiums reduces appeal towards tobacco and it reinforces message to the visitors and spectators, especially the younger people, regarding dangers associated with smoking.

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