Anyone planning on getting a giant dog breed who is also friendly, and extremely affectionate as a pet should automatically choose the Golden Mountain Dog. Not only are they affectionate, but they also exude a strong sense of loyalty towards their humans.

All they crave is the master’s undivided attention and love. Such breeds do not allow anything to hinder their adoration for their masters and many are astounded by how they make their masters the center of their world. Very obedient and good-natured, such breeds are family-oriented dogs that often turn out as sweet and even temperamental.

These dogs are easy to train and are always willing to please their family and all its members. If one is planning on bringing home a pet dog, then getting a couple of golden mountain dog puppies can be the best gift one can give their family. Very playful towards little children, they make the ideal companions to many a little-ones in the family. The added advantage is that the Golden Mountain Dog is pretty easygoing with the other pets a family might possibly have.

A word of warning, though, Golden Mountain Dogs thrive in a cold climate and the family might need to ensure that it remains protected from a really harsh – hot and humid climate. With their fluffy thick coat of hair, such dogs might find the heat very unbearable.

Things To Know About The Golden Mountain Dog

Things to know about the Golden Mountain Dog

One of the first things one needs to know about the Golden Mountain Dog is that they are a hybrid mix between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Golden Retriever.

To go a bit back in history, the descendants of the Bernese Mountain dogs come from those early generations which were introduced in Switzerland by soldiers belonging to the Roman army. The origins of the Golden Retriever lie in Scotland, where it was used as a working dog for those that hunted birds. Later on, these were also used in therapy for blind people.

Both breeds exhibit certain peculiar characteristics which rub off on their offspring. Such dogs are often called the Bernese Golden Mountain Dogs too.

Thus, the Bernese Mountain Dog Golden Retriever mix carries all the positives of both breeds while having very few faults to show. The Golden Mountain Dog is a complete family dog. Often called “gentle giants”, the reason they are so easygoing with children and mix well with other animals in the family is that they are highly intelligent. This trait also makes it tremendously easy to train them.

Though known as Golden Mountain Dogs, such breeds often have shiny golden and black coats. Sometimes one will also come across breeds with markings from the Bernese parentage.

Weighing a solid hundred pounds on average, the golden mountain dog puppies can grow to a height of 26 inches. This is tall by any standards for a pet dog. The reason golden mountain dog puppies grow tall and huge is that both the Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever breeds are usually large.

People often procure the Bernese Mountain Dog Golden Retriever mix cross breed when they are looking for a large-sized designer dog. For those that find this term funny, a designer dog is a product of the deliberate cross-breeding between two pure-bred dogs.

The reason why families plan for such designer dogs is to get the best of two of their favorite breeds. And one ends up with healthier puppies in such cases where two pure-bred parents are allowed to mate. In this case, golden mountain dog puppies thus will not only be healthier they will carry the highest of genes and be top pedigree.

The Mini Hippo Dog

The Mini Hippo Dog

Since the discussion veered towards designer dogs, another popular crossbreed is the American Cocker Spaniel – Chinese Shar-Pei offspring that has caught the imagination of many. Designed a few decades ago to reap the rewards of two very elegant but diverse breeds, the mini hippo dog possesses the best of two worlds and two cultures.

Both dogs which were bred for diverse reasons such as hunting birds or being guard dogs meant for fighting were later adopted as family dogs. The mini hippo dog which is a mix of both these breeds and hence also called the Cocker-Pei can grow to an average height of 21 inches and are as loveable, appealing, and cuddly as they come.

The mini hippo dog can give the Golden Mountain Dogs a tough competition for being friendly and enormously affectionate. The calm, intelligent, and often easy-going temperament developed thanks to the parents making the mini hippo dog a much-coveted pet animal.

The breeds have a distinct square and broad hippo nose and are very social animals. Being very playful and friendly, this breed is a hit amongst the younger lot. One of the reasons for this is their over-enlarged heads and wrinkled-looking coats.

Some of the cons are they can be stubborn and this leads to some minor tiffs with the master. They are prone to jealousy which makes them natural watchdogs or guard dogs. This also means they can be a little less welcoming of strangers. Another interesting fact is that the mini hippo breed doesn’t bark a lot. This is often a matter of wonder that the dogs rarely ever let out a bark. For those with pesky neighbors, this breed might be the pet dog of choice.

Returning to much-coveted pet dogs, the Bernese Golden Mountain Dogs can be ideal companions for the family as they make for excellent play buddies for the little children in the family. These dogs love playtime with the young ones and do not mind patiently waiting on them and often end up being the playthings of toddlers. They even adjust with cats and other dogs and are rarely if ever, prone to violent fits around other animals. It’s however the human beings that they crave most often to be friends with. Therefore, if the idea is to get a guard dog, the Golden Mountain Dog might be the wrong choice.

The Bernese Mountain Dog Golden Retriever mix does need a fairly regular bit of exercise daily. They can tag along for intense hiking, and trekking sessions in the wild or on the mountains. They also make perfect mates for one’s daily jogging session or bike rides.

The Golden Mountain Dogs love their outing to the park and do wonders because of the activity.

What Do Bernese Golden Mountain Dogs Eat?

Food is an essential part of the Golden Mountain Dog upbringing. Almost as important as training. The breed needs their nutrients, and it’s of paramount importance that the pet is provided only with canine appropriate food.

The nutrients they consume directly impact their furry coat and its length. Some experts even correlate the food the Golden Mountain Dogs eat with how shiny and wavy their fur becomes.

The veterinarian should be consulted to identify the right diet for your pet. This depends on what kind of climate the dog has to grow in and also the level of exercise that the dog gets.

The Golden Mountain Dogs love their food and should be provided with 4 cups of dry food on a daily basis spread across the entire day. Make sure the dog gets enough exercise so that the effects of over-eating can be negated.

What Health Problems Can The Golden Mountain Dogs Suffer From?

Because they are a crossbreed of both the Golden Retriever and the Bernese Mountain Dog, such dogs are prone to the illnesses that plague the parents. Some of the common ailments that such dogs are afflicted with can be:

  • Heart problems
  • Joint dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease
  • Cancer

The Golden Mountain Dogs can live up to 15 years on average. However, this depends on how well the pet is taken care of and how active one manages to keep them. The reason why this is emphasized is that these breeds do not respond well to a sedentary lifestyle of eating too much and too little exercise. So along with a mandatory visit to the vet, it is important that regular checkups and diagnostic tests be done for all the usual ailments that can affect the dogs belonging to this breed.

Care And Grooming For Golden Mountain Dogs

Care and Grooming for Golden Mountain Dogs

One very important thing the pet parents of such dogs should know is that these dogs are high maintenance. Not only do they need exclusive amounts of grooming but specific care practices are a must for the pets.

The shiny furry coats of these breeds need to be given brushing on a daily basis to manage the shedding. These breeds are known as heavy shedders and can make their masters tear out their hair in frustration because of all the fuzz that tends to lodge itself everywhere.

It pays to have lint rollers and hoovers to ensure a well-managed coat for your pets. The other grooming practices can often resemble those of the other breeds, but there is one typical issue such breeds face – Ear infection.

An ear infection is quite common in these breeds due to their floppy ears. Droopy ears lead to a build-up of dirt and grime in the ears. This needs constant cleaning and you would do well to keep wiping them with suitable products only certified by the vet.

Lastly, as the furry coats are waterproof, daily bathing isn’t a must and can be done as needed but not regularly.

How Should The Golden Mountain Dog Be Trained?

One of the most positive traits about the Golden Mountain Dog is that they can be trained quickly due to the high levels of intelligence they possess. It’s always important to begin training the golden mountain dog puppies from a very early age.

Training will include acclimatizing them with all the members of the family. This includes even the animals, especially the cats. Cats can take exception at the latest entrants to the family and need a variation of the popular sensitivity training, made famous by the army.

Another training will be to make the pet comfortable with the sights and sounds of the house. Some pets can get jumpy around vacuum cleaners and the loud juicers and even hair dryers in the house.

Such breeds can also get pretty anxious if left alone. This is another training that should mandatorily be given. Experts recommend making the dog comfortable around crates to lie in. In case the dogs find the masters and other members away for an extended period, they have been known to seek comfort in self-designated safe spaces.

Lastly, for the two genders, the females can go through two heat phases each year and in case one doesn’t want their pet to procreate, suitable steps should be taken to spay the females. Though sexual cycles are not reported in males, it’s always better to neuter them.

What Are The Costs You Might Incur When Having A Golden Mountain Dog?

What are the costs you might incur when having a Golden Mountain Dog

If you set out to buy a Bernese Golden Mountain dog, it can cost you anywhere between $800 to $1200. For a well-bred puppy, however, the prices have gone up and one might end up spending anywhere close to $3000 to get a puppy home.

As mentioned earlier, this breed can be high maintenance. Only the food requirements can cost the pet parents anywhere around $85 a month.

Due to the sheer amount of activity that such dogs need to remain fit and have a prolonged life, houses with large gardens or extended backyards are preferred over apartment houses. Golden Mountain Dogs usually do not take to claustrophobic tiny spaces and need getting used to.

In conclusion, if you are willing to overlook an extremely slobbery, drooling pet dog with a heart of gold, then the happy canine with a pleasant demeanor is the one to go for. Of course, the almond-shaped eyes and floppy ears only make the Golden Mountain Dog more appealing and one of the perfect candidates for singles as well as families.

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