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Google Ad Experts: Tips On How To Stay Ahead Of The Game In 2019

With the passing of time, the world keeps on evolving. This evolution has led to many changes across the world. One very noticeable one is the changes which have occurred in the customer behavior section.

Fortunately for most people around the world, Google has kept pace with most of the changes. If you wish to stay ahead of the chasing pack, here are some tips which would prove to be very useful:

Try automating your bidding

The first tip which you would surely find useful would be to automate your bidding on Google ads. This can be done easily by amusing your Google Ads dashboard. Head over to the rules section and create rules which would guide your automated process.

By doing this, you would be able to tell Google how to manage all events that are present in your Google Ads account. This would also be managing how much you would spend on an ad.

Combining Facebook and Google Ads could be the key

Content success is one of the pivotal things to aim for as a business. Most business would use PPC to grow their business. They do this by trying to target keywords which are right at the bottom of the funnel.

Most of these keywords are used in situations when someone is in urgent need of a product or a service. However, there is a catch. Most of these keywords fail to work simply because there’s no previous awareness. This means, therefore, that you would likely not get any customers from this campaign.

However, combining Facebook with Google ads would boost your organic ranking. To get this working in your favor, the first you would need to do is to create great content. Once this has been done, the next thing would be to pay for your Google ads. Once your content is published, your keywords would have a boost in the search rankings. This would surely lead to being visibility. While targeting keywords at the bottom of the funnel can have a measure of success, you would find out that nothing works better than driving your website with content success. Something to keep in mind in 2019.

Split test for your videos would work wonders

You should always make sure that you are going for split testing. This refers to putting out two pages; one of them with the video and the other one without the video. Now, the focus here is to watch which of them would bring about more conversions than the other.
You should always make sure that the video is not viewed compulsorily but only on convenience. This would prove to be very useful when it comes to very competitive niches or section.

For example, it would appeal to persons who are comparing between two or more companies. You would quickly realize the immense effect that convenience can have on your conversions.

Device Targeting 

In the world that we live in, the difference between viewing a landing page on a desktop or a mobile phone can be pivotal to increasing conversion. This is where device targeting comes into play. You would have to consider what device you would want your website to appeal to.
If your company would mostly be used using the mobile phone, then it is crucial that you make your website responsive to a mobile phone.

However, with more and more persons switching to mobiles, they would be less advantaged attached to running a campaign on desktop placements. You would be much better sticking with mobile phones.

Push value in 2019

In 2019, when dealing with advertising in Google Ads, it would be absolutely necessary to push for value first before sales. Gone are the days when pushing for sales work like magic. These days, Google is more concerned with customers and how they take the quality of the content on display.

When you do this, you would increase the awareness of your brand to the readers and in turn increasing your traffic. In time, you would be making conversions on a regular basis.
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