If you use Google Adwords as part of your marketing strategy, you know the platform changes all the time. 2019 is no different. If you’re looking to advertise on Google, be sure to pay attention to these 7 changes and trends coming up soon for Google search ads.

One of the biggest Adwords trendscontinues to be the navigating from Google Adwords to Google Ads. The new platform will have several improvements, including more automation, responsive search ads, and “smart” options, such as smart campaigns.

1. Feed-based Advertising

Google introduced Discovery Feed last year, but it didn’t feature ads. Now, Discovery Ads is being added to the feed.

Main features:

  • High-quality image – No stock images, low-quality images, watermarks or layover text
  • 40-character headline
  • 90-character description
  • Call to action button 

You can try up to five images/headlines/descriptions and machine learning will help “choose” the best performing ad.

If you need more insight into Google ads management, see this related post.

2. Gallery Ads & Image Searches

Previously, search ads only featured text. Now, you will have the ability to add visuals. Ads will have a carousel format so users can swipe through easily.

Main features:

  • 4-8 images
  • 70-character tagline
  • Up to 3 headlines for Call to Action testing

These changes will help create dynamic visuals to enhance your ads and expand your reach.

3. Bumper Machine & Short Videos

Bumper Machine can create 6-second videos from a single, longer video. Machine learning models can take videos up to 90 seconds and edit them down. There are a few light editing features you can use once the 6-sec. video is created.

4. Google Shopping & Showcase Ads

Google Shopping and Google Express are merging to create an entirely different shopping experience. Users will now have a unique homepage with personal recommendations. You’ll have the ability to place ads there, too.

5. Improvements to Smart Bidding

Machine learning will affect smart bidding (or auction bidding) in a big way. 

3 big changes:

  • Campaign-level conversion goals
    • Optimize bids based on a goal for each campaign
  • Conversion actions sets
  • Seasonality adjustments
    • Make adjustments during sales, promotions or specific time periods

These changes to the technology will optimize bids for conversions or conversion value.

6. Direct Link to Apps

Deep thinking will enable you to link directly to an app. If a user clicks on a link in an ad, he or she will be taken directly to the relevant page in your app. The technology will support iOS and Android platforms.

7. Upgraded Local Campaigns

Local campaigns will be available for all advertisers. It is a semi-automatic platform that integrates Maps, Search, Display, and YouTube to help local businesses increase traffic.

The Future of Google Adwords Is Infinite

Google Adwords helps you reach your audience with Google search ads. These Google ad trendsrepresent major changes that can make the experience even more powerful. For more insights and Google Adwords trends, follow Google Marketing Live 2019.

If you’re ready to optimize your search advertising or content marketing, contact Outbrain to get started.

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