First time Google shares increased by $1,000, company reported that their shares jumped for 13.8% with strong earning.


Company has noticed on Friday that their shares topped with $1,000 first time in their business history. During July to September their net profit was $2.97BN and currently it jumps to the 36% higher.

Google is most successful company in a business market and its revenue was increasing 12% every year but now its sudden jumps to un-expected profit line and company is enjoying the juicy flavor of their success.

In conference the chairmen of Google stated these words

“We are closing in on our goal of a beautiful, simple, and intuitive experience regardless of your device.”

Their high profit gaining report also very helping for the other famous companies in increasing the shares like Facebook has raised its shares to 4.4% and Amazon raised its share by 3.4%.

Apple is biggest competitor with Google Company and is leading with $461BN market value while Google is valued as $334BN in market.

It is recorded in 2004 August Google has shares $85 and its market value was $23bn and after 9 years it is standing on the second position at the market its strong earning police.

Company declared that after closing U.S markets on Thursday their share jumped with huge peak and cost per click was increased after july to September and last year they noticed the increase in their revenue growth.

JP Morgan analysts stated on viewing the share raising as

“We view solid paid clicks growth to be a good indicator of demand, driven by the continued shift to mobile.”

The price of cost per click on advertisements fall 8% when online users click on their ads and after 2004 the online advertisement and online business increased and cause sudden increase in revenue.

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