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Got the job interview, now get the job

Some say that reaching the interview stage of a job application is the hardest part. However, the interview is by far the most stressful and anxiety-causing element. Continue reading for our advice on how to impressive during your job interview.

Look the part

It might sound clichéd, but first impressions really do count. Depending on the job you’ve applied for, you’ll need to dress appropriately. Most interviewers would expect a level of professionalism in your outfit. You can’t go wrong with a well-fitting suit. For men, an ironed shirt and a well-chosen tie, perhaps in silk. For women, something similar. Perhaps, consider injecting a bit of colour and originality with a memorable pair of earrings or a brooch. Don’t forget to polish your shoes; people judge harshly on scuffed shoes. In addition to ensuring you have a decent outfit, you need to think about your own personal hygiene and appearance. Make sure you shower and make an effort with your hair prior to an interview. Stress can make you incredibly clammy and perspire more than usual. Be sure to use a good quality antiperspirant deodorant. Choose a light perfume or eau de toilette as well because you don’t want to overpower anyone. Consider packing a small body spray in your bag just in case.

Do your research

Before heading to the job interview, make sure you have done your research. Read the website and consider how you would fit into the company’s ethos and way of working. Consider what you could bring to the workplace and how you would go about doing so. At the end of interviews, you are often asked if you have any questions. Researching the company can often leave you wondering certain things, so it can avoid the awkward hesitation that can come in response to that question. Furthermore, you will probably have read both positive and negative things in the press about the employee. They may well bring it up themselves and turn it into an opportunity to ask you what sort of solution you would put in place for a certain issue. As well as researching your potential new employer, be sure to remember to reread your job application and covering letter. If you don’t know how to write impressive ones, visit Knowing exactly how you sold yourself in a written way may well help you to sell yourself to them in person as well. 

Exude confidence

Even if you are feeling, and you probably are, incredibly nervous, try to appear confident. Most job advertising packages contain a person specification and key roles and responsibilities. As with the ‘do your research’ section, it is key to ensure you have reread the key information. Highlighting significant skills, characteristics and experience that are required of you and memorising them (not in a monotonous way, of course) will assist you in giving confident answers that show the interview panel that you are able to offer exactly what they are seeking in an employee. However, if you do not have the required skill, do not be afraid to say so, but be clear that you have transferable skills or a willingness to undertake further training. For example, “I’m not currently first aid trained. However, I would be happy to undertake all the necessary training. I’m calm under pressure, so feel it would be an ideal role for me.”

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