Any groom on their wedding day should look all dapper and pull off a regal look. Since in India, there are many celebrations once a couple decides they want to get married. There is pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. Although it is confusing on what to wear for the big day not only for the bride but for the groom as well. There are so many options to choose from and also mix and match the varieties from the diverse choices of Indian men’s wear. It is important to consider the texture, color and the look that you aim to achieve to stand out on your big day. From the western designs, ethnic attires, prints, indo-western looks and all casuals here are some grand styles for an Indian groom for his wedding.

Dhoti Kurta 

This look is a classic choice for a groom to look dapper on his wedding day. It is a traditional ensemble that is always in fashion and it is styled easily in many styles too. Other than dressing with a kurta, a Sherwani version of a kurta still can style this look. Anyone dressing to the dhoti kurta looks splendid and wedding-ready due to its instant grand look. Additionally, the groom can match this outfit with his groomsmen and color coordinate with wedding theme colors. However, he should stand out from the rest as he is the groom. Currently, these outfits are ready-made and one can find them through online stores with other women outfits such as the crop top Lehenga price lists on them. This look in a bright color is best for the Haldi and Mehendi that is the pre-wedding ceremony.


Groom Style Wedding Ceremonies

To the grooms that want to wear complete ethnic wear. The bandhgala is a perfect choice to bring out the Indian heritage. It is a popular garb that is not only perfect for grooms but it can be dressed to similar festivities as well. It looks similar to a Sherwani due to its neat and perfect ensemble. A groom can rock this to the wedding, reception and also the engagement celebration. It is best worn with pastel colors or florals are best as you choose to invest in one. Style it with a turban in a contrasting color, a dupatta, and a stone brooch to give you a perfect traditional look. The only thing that is left for this look is a smile and cool attitude. This is an attractive look and a princely aura that every groom should have on their wedding ceremony.

Kurta Pyjama 

At times a Dhoti seems too elaborate to pair with a kurta. Therefore, choosing a Kurta Pyjama still works out well for a groom’s magnificent look. There are various options to achieve this grand look like the churidar Pyjama, straight cut Pyjama are some of the good choices. Play around with the versatility of this look as you mix and match it in various ways. Plus, adding a turban and a jacket upgrades it to a grand outfit. Sport this look in a colored or embroidered kurta with a white Pyjama for your Mehendi, Haldi or Sangeet ceremony.


Groom Style Wedding Ceremonies

Do you find denim too casual for wedding ceremonies? Not for Indian wedding ceremonies for most of the pre-wedding and post wedding events call for comfort and a casual look. Stylish denim, shorts, and capris are a favorite too as you plan out your wedding gear. This gives you a cool edge and makes you modish especially if there is a ceremony in an open area during summer. As much as it’s an easy look to pull through it makes a style statement for a pre-wedding photoshoot, a Sangeet and Haldi lunch event. Pairing denim with a cool tee and head off to a fun bachelors party and enjoy the last days of singlehood.

The formal look 

A jacket trouser, chinos with a sporty jacket are grooms wedding ensembles that cannot lack in this grand collection. This look is a combination you can play around with depending on the occasion that you are attending. A casual t-shirt, semi-formal blazers can help transform the look. Best sported to a bachelor’s party, post-wedding photoshoots. Ensure this outfit is a perfect fit to look as splendid as a groom you are. The formal suit is more of a western look for an Indian groom. Nonetheless, it is a grand choice that has gained popularity in India. The suit has various options to it from the tuxedo to the three-piece look. All these suit versions are regal and have an impressive finish for a groom. The tuxedo is best adorned to the reception and a waistcoat for the fun-filled Sangeet. 


Groom Style Wedding Ceremonies

The Sherwani is the most worn and it has also made a mark across the globe. It is a rich and princely ensemble that with its heavy fabrics and embellishments gives a groom a put-together finish. Do not forget to accessorize with a dupatta, a turban, and chains. You can choose between the two types of Sherwani or have both of them for various wedding occasions. The simple Sherwani is best for the wedding ceremony or engagement party. While the bolder and heavier one is best for the wedding reception.

Jodhpuri suit

Groom Style Wedding Ceremonies

This is a royal suit that looks like the Sherwani only that the bottoms are like riding pants. Some communities wear this suit for formal occasions. However, it is modern and stylish when compared to the Sherwani that is a popular ethnic look. The Jodhpuri suit, when designed in rich fabrics, is a great choice for the wedding ceremony. Accessorize with a brooch, turban and you will stand out as the groom of the ceremony. This look is will bring out your best self either on the big day or the others leading to the big ceremony. Choose the shoes to this look wisely to blend in with the look and is best if they match with the turban.