The announcement about the Facebook beta Graph Search was made at the Menlo Park. It is another drastic change which will be introduced to the users in the upcoming time. The point is that a social networking site which is gaining the number of its users daily in a rapid speed is still feeling the need to keep on changing and be introduced with new apps and tools to keep the interest of the people. Not every change of the Facebook is supported by the users but still they are ready to take the plunge.


Critics are already going obnoxious after this announcement. According to them the launch will be just another waste of space on the page. It might raise some interest of the people for the time being and then it will be an old story even before it is launched properly. People are much more interested in giving importance or preference to their own opinions. They hardly want to see who else is having the same opinion. Mostly people add friends on the Facebook whom they know personally or through somebody. It happens very rarely when people add someone because of so many things common between the other person and themselves.

People all assuming out all the possibilities and the major assumption is that the latest introduction will lessen their security or privacy. There are no hard and fast limitations when it comes to the privacy skeleton of the Facebook but it won’t be wrong to state that a major reason for people for disliking Facebook is that they are not satisfied with the privacy settings and its constant chameleon changes. The Graph Search is another  step towards making their information more public since there are no hard and fast rules regarding Who and When use of the common information.

Graph Search is being considered just a new toy to attract new users. It is being taken as a fly trap for the new users but at the same time it is already being considered a failure project since it is not promising anything tempting or interesting. Many people are expressing that may be it is a WhitePages inspired app which is being introduced for those loners who are not having their own friend circle to claim their likes and dislikes, those who are having all the information open for public.

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