Did you know that 33% of U.S. workers are engaged in their workplace?

Team building events is often the first thing that comes to mind when discussing company events. This is true, but there are many more great indoor team-building events.

Did you know that feeling like you’re not part of the team will ruin your experience at work? Here are some great corporate team building events.

1. Design a Room Together


Each person in the group will have their own specific role and work together to create a room that they can all be proud of. This activity helps to encourage teamwork, creativity, design, and problem-solving skills.

The group will have to communicate effectively to be successful, allowing each member to share their opinions and take responsibility for the project as a whole. Working together in this manner also encourages ideas and allows everyone to appreciate their colleagues’ different strengths and skills.

2. Creative Scavenger Hunt

Working together, groups must solve riddles or puzzles, search for objects and carry out tasks within a given timeframe. This helps teams learn to communicate better, become creative problem-solvers and collaborate more efficiently. It helps boost morale, increase productivity, and generate more trust among team members.

Alternatively, teams can work together to develop their creative ideas before the game begins. This event helps inspire employees to think outside the box and develop new and innovative approaches to their everyday work.

Ultimately, teams can review the game, their decisions, and how they worked collaboratively. Private events create excellent team bonding experiences while creating a fun, stress-free environment.

3. Team Speed Debates

working together

Teams are given a topic and have limited time to develop a solution. The team members must work together to build their arguments and present their ideas clearly and quickly.

After submitting their views, the teams will receive immediate feedback from the facilitator and opponents. These fun team building activities help to foster collaboration, communication, and creativity while also being an exciting and competitive event.

4. Escape Room Challenge

Their high-quality entertainment and creative puzzle-solving capabilities make them perfect for encouraging collaboration. In an escape room, groups are challenged and must work together to solve the puzzle and escape in the allotted time.

It encourages open communication, brainstorming, and delegating roles as the team gathers clues. It is an excellent way for new teams to get to know each other and build a bond in a fun and exciting environment. To make a strong connection between employees, consider escape games linked here.

5. Office Olympics

team members

It promotes communication, collaboration, and healthy competition among participants. It emphasizes the importance of working together and allows teams to bond within an environment of fun and creativity. The best part is that it can be tailored to fit the interests of the participants.

Understanding Team Building Events

Team building events allow staff to be engaged in a comfortable setting. These activities help employees learn more about their colleagues and develop strong relationships. Start planning inclusive and creative indoor team building event ideas today!

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