Thinking about adding more security to your home? Did you know that, according to, less than 30% of households in the United States have a home security system?

House security can make a big difference in preventing burglaries or other intruders. Even if you live in a “safe” neighborhood, home safety should still be taken seriously.

That’s why it’s important to learn the specific home security measures you should take.

Keep reading to learn 4 great ways to improve your home safety.

1. Install a Home Alarm System

Home Security

The most protective safety measure you can have is a home alarm system. Not only do these alarm systems alert you of intruders, but they also alert you of fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other natural disasters.

Home alarm systems typically come with a house alarm, security camera, motion detectors, and video doorbells.

Some home alarm systems will also have an automatic feature that immediately notifies the police of a break-in.

The Ring Floodlight Camera is a great camera that shines LED lights if it detects suspicious activity. Learn more about this camera here.

2. Lock Doors and Windows

The doors and windows of your home should be locked at all times. You’d be surprised how many break-ins have occurred from simple mistakes like this.

One great way to ensure you don’t forget is to install door and window sensors. You can also use smart locks, which allow you to lock your door from your smartphone.

Secure Your New Home

3. Don’t Make Your House Appear Vacant

Burglars are much more likely to intrude when they know that nobody is home. That’s why it’s smart for you to always make your home look active, even when nobody is there.

Leaving a television or radio on is one clever strategy. You may also choose to leave a few lights on throughout the house. However, this can certainly raise your electricity bill, so a smart light system is a much better option.

4. Hide Valuable Items

Sometimes even with the proper safety measures, burglaries can happen. That’s why it’s important to always make sure to hide any valuable items that you own.

Security Systems

The best way to protect your valuable items or documents is to buy a safe and conceal it in an area the intruder is unlikely to find it.

You should also make sure to put away valuable items that you use on a daily basis, such as wedding rings, expensive electronic devices, etc.

Prioritize Home Safety

Those were 4 great ways to improve your home safety. Installing a proper alarm system, locking doors and windows, making your house appear like someone’s home, and hiding valuable items will ensure that your home and your belongings stay as protected as possible.

So, step up your home safety game and start making your home safe today!

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