The indoor company Click and Grow made announcement of the availability of one latest LED light which could be used with the existing gardens. Along with it was announced a latest cartridge of the plant Sugar Leaf.

This new device Grow Light will be available at $49 and as an add-on, that’s optional, to the Smart Flower Pot, light takes up where company’s former campaign Kickstarter left off. Anyone, now, could accessorize their present gardens along with adding latest plant cartridge too. This new device Grow Light will be available at $49 and as an add-on, that’s optional.

Additionally, Click and Grow, as mentioned earlier, announced offer of refill of Sugar Leaf to its product lineup that is growing. This natural sweetener does sprout just in 2 weeks time after it is activated and has maximum lifespan of one and half year. Just like other cartridges of plants, this Sugar Leaf also contains all nutrients and seeds required for a growth that is hassle-free.

The growth medium, which is pesticide-free, fungicide-free and hormone-free, used by the garden is quite suitable to be used indoors and now it is even useful due to availability of LED light of 3 Watts. As it is designed for quite prolonged use, light has arm made of steel and a timer that is pre-programmed and operates according to twenty-four hour cycle, that is, on for 16 hours and off for 8 hours. This light specially is designed to look pleasant to eye, giving the plants natural look and could be removed when plant matures. Beyond that, it is only harvesting that remains, with comfort of kitchen counter of your own house.