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Beginner’s Guide- Planning a Trip to the USA from India

The mere thought of visiting the USA leaves one excited and thrilled. The United States of America is one diverse nation and is one of the most preferred destinations for travellers. 

Right from natural wonders, scenic beauties, varied cultural backgrounds, art galleries, rocky mountains, snow-clad mountains, beach hopping, and so on, this country has so much to offer and is a paradise for all travelling enthusiasts. 

Visiting the USA can never be a boring affair. Besides, if you are travelling to the USA from India for the first time, jotted down is some important information in regards to your first USA travel, which will help you, having an enjoyable and memorable trip. 

There could be ample reason for visiting the USA. You might be visiting the country to visit your friend or your relative or maybe you are travelling to the USA for your honeymoon. If travelling to the USA for your honeymoon, you may consider visiting romantic honeymoon destinations like Hawaii, Florida, California, and so on.

The USA is big, so make your trip memorable, entertaining and one unforgettable experience.

Know Before Flying to the USA

  • The country capital is Washington D.C. and the currency used is US Dollars.
  • The USA is not just restricted to New York City or La Vegas. America is 50 United States of diversity.
  • It has a varied landscape and climate that you can think of.
  • Travel opportunities in the USA are endless.
  • The USA does not use the metric system. Besides, rather than Celsius, American use Fahrenheit. 

Entry Essentials for the USA Trip

First thing first, to ensure a hassle-free trip to the US, ensure that you possess a valid passport with a minimum of 2 pages left blank for stamping. Besides, the passport needs to be valid for 06 months beyond the desired stay in the USA.

Whenever you are intending to travel to the USA from India, you need to file for a US visa depending upon the purpose of your travel. For instance, if you are travelling to the US as a tourist you need to apply for a US tourist visa (B2). 

When compared to other countries, the process of visa application for the US is slightly complicated. Besides, it is one of those countries for, which you need to face the interview in person to obtain a US visa.

All you need to do is fill the non-immigrant visa form, DS-160, and pay the specified fees for visa. Once done with the payment, book your visa appointment and schedule your appointment with Visa Application Centre and US Consulate/Embassy. Do not forget to carry the required documents relevant to US visa application on the day of the interview. 

Buying Travel Insurance for the USA from India

It is highly recommended to buy travel insurance for USA from India, although it is not a mandate. Buying travel insurance for the USA will secure you and your closed ones if travelling with you form any unforeseen events, which may lead to a fiscal cost. 

Moreover, the medical expenses in the USA are on an expensive side when compared to India, which can easily create a hole in your pocket under any medical-related perils, such as accident, etc. Depending upon the needs, you may get cover under unpredictable situations like loss of passport, loss of checked-in baggage, trip curtailment/cancellation, and so on.

Therefore, it is better to buy travel insurance for the USA from India and buy USA travel insurance online to save time and effort. Buying comprehensive travel insurance for the USA will ensure a stress-free and safe stay in the country.

Hacks Before You Booking Air-tickets for the USA

The USA is such a vast country that you can visit the country during any season. Every season has some or the other thing to offer. Generally, the best season to visit the USA is either spring or even during summer. Winters are typically too conducive for sightseeing so if possible it can be avoided. While booking air-tickets from India to travel to the USA consider the following hacks, which will help you saving money:

  • Remember the process of US visa itself takes a minimum of 30 days so book your tickets keeping the same in mind.
  • It is better to book tickets 3 months in advance. Remember, the rule is neither too early nor too late. 
  • If you do not want a hike in the airfare, it is better to look for flight options on browsers that do not keep a track on the activities.
  • The cost of flight tickets will be slightly friendly on your pockets when compared to flying on a weekday.
  • Do check the airline’s website to get an idea about the airfare.
  • It is normal that while booking air tickets you would always look for cheaper options. However, look at the different options available basis of your convenience.
  • Always go for a flight, which is convenient and comfortable for you in terms of finances and for physical status.
  • Look for a flight where you have simply one transit.
  • Once you get your US visitor visa and your travel dates are finalized book non-refundable tickets to avail better deals. If under any unfortunate scenario, you end up cancelling the trip then having the travel insurance for the USA from India will provide you with financial security.

Itinerary When Visiting the USA from India

The USA is a vast country so if you think you will be able to see everything that is practically not possible depending upon the duration of your stay. Therefore, it is better to plan your itinerary well considering the location you are travelling. Do the research work before you land up in the foreign soil and look for the sight-seeing options, visit Ski Resorts if you look forward to activities like skiing, snowboarding, etc. and intend to do. There would be places, which you would not want to miss therefore plan your doings and have no regrets. Your USA itinerary should include the following:

  • National Parks like Grand Canyon, etc.
  • Theme Parks like Disneyland, etc.
  • Day tour/City tour
  • Festival and Events, if any.
  • Historic Places
  • Exotic Beaches
  • Food and Drinks

Managing Expenses for US Trip

It is important to keep a check on the expenses you will be doing in the USA and manage it accordingly. 

It also helps you to understand the financial condition of how much you can spend during the trip.

Keep a track of the expenses incurred, which may include the expense of a visa, hotel accommodation, airfare, shopping and so on.

When You Pack for the US Trip

Of course, travelling to the USA leaves one excited and you would want to carry a lot of stuff while travelling to the US. However, this is not a smart choice.

Remember, carry what is required and is important. Do not forget to carry your essential documents related to your identification and visa-related documents. Keep them safe.

Besides, leave space for gifts and souvenirs you will buy for your loved ones whenever you are back from your US trip. Pack your luggage accordingly.

To Conclude

While we want you to have fun on your BIG VACATION in the USA, do read about basic etiquettes in the US, for instance, giving tips, not passing any racist and political comments, and so on.

In case of any emergency, dial 911, this is a toll-free number. On the other hand, you can also dial 202-546-1127, which is accessible and catering the visitors who need assistance in case if one is lost, stranded or need any other kind of aid.

Eventualities do not come knocking and you surely would not want your US TRIP to turn into a nightmare. Therefore, buy comprehensive travel insurance for the USA from India.

Plan your trip and enjoy every moment of your first USA trip

Safe Flying!

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