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Guide to Vegan Makeup, Cosmetics and Skin Care

A lot of people today are turning sensitive toward their carbon footprint and the effect their choices have on the environment. This has led people to turn Vegan and choosing to live a vegan life. Whether as fashion or as a philosophy of life, veganism is here to stay. However, it is no longer just a matter of food; this new trend has also sneaked into the cosmetic products we use in our daily lives. 

The step towards using just vegan makeup products can seem challenging, but if you are armed with the knowledge about what to check in products and what is available in the market, the transition can be easy.

What really are Vegan Cosmetics?

Vegan cosmetics are makeup, skincare, lotions, fragrances, nail and hair products, etc. that follow the norms of veganism morally, environmentally and ethically in their manufacturing. Such products don’t use any animal ingredients or animal derivatives such as honey, beeswax, lanolin and milk, etc.  These are also not tested on animals in any way.

Ingredients that go into Vegan makeup and cosmetics

Vegan ingredients are known to make the skin healthier and more radiant. They don’t irritate the skin as much and do not contain indirect pesticides and impurities that the animal may be carrying from which the ingredients were taken. Plant-based ingredients are richer in nutrients and vitamins than their animal counterparts. 

One must be aware of the common non-vegan ingredients so as to make sure one avoids them. Some common non-vegan ingredients are- animal-based gelatine, carmine, collagen, guanine, silk powder, retinol, musk, animal fat, ambergris, estrogen, keratin, lanolin, Hyaluronic Acid, bee products, milk and lanolin among others. There are sites like Shopper Advocate where you can explore more about what goes into vegan cosmetics and makeup products.

Things to check on packing of Vegan cosmetic products

While looking through shelves for a vegan product at a beauty store, there are a few things you must check on its packaging. Along with knowing the ingredients, one of the following logos must be present for genuine authentication- the certified vegan logo, the vegan society logo, the VegeCert logo or the 100% Vegan logo. There is also a vegetarian logo which is a ‘V’ with a leaf,

Difference between cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics

Cruelty-free and natural makeup products are different from vegan ones. A cruelty-free product is one that has not been tested on animals at any stage in the product lifecycle. It stemmed from the concern of how animals were being treated in the beauty industry. A vegan product, on the other hand, is free of animal-related products. Natural products are simply non-chemical based and consist of ingredients that are naturally available on earth.


Changing to a conscious way of living is essential. The change towards using vegan cosmetics must be gradual, one must slowly replace non-vegan products for vegan ones. There are unlimited options in the market so one does not have to sacrifice on beauty. On the contrary. you will discover a journey towards a more radiant and healthy self with this shift.

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