If you’ve noticed a few issues going on with your foundation, you’re not alone. Foundation problems are among the home issues any homeowner will face.

Whether you’ve got small issues or you see major cracks forming in the foundation, you must get it taken care of right away. You should never put off repairs to your foundation even if it means spending more than expected.

If your foundation is giving you trouble, read on to learn more about foundation repairs and why they’re so important.

The Purpose of a Home Foundation

The Purpose of a Home FoundationThe purpose of a home foundation is to provide a stable, durable base for a structure designed to be inhabited by people. The foundation provides support for the superstructure. It carries its weight and distributes the load of the building upward and outward.

This allows for greater resistance to wind and seismic forces. Proper design and construction of the foundation ensure that the home will remain structurally sound and safe for its inhabitants. The materials used in a foundation also play a key role in providing stability and anchoring the structure to the ground.

A quality foundation can protect a structure from settling. It provides thermal protection as well as provide added insulation to reduce energy costs for heating and cooling.

Why Foundation Repairs Should Not Be Skipped?

Why Foundation Repairs Should Not Be SkippedA sturdy, strong foundation is essential to protecting the integrity and value of a home. Unfortunately, having a reliable foundation is not always possible. Conditions and weather can cause damage over time and leave a home vulnerable to potentially significant problems.

Prevent Further Damage

Foundation repairs should never be skipped. Ignoring the damage could end up costing homeowners more money in the long run. Foundation repair can help reinforce the existing foundation. This can keep the home from experiencing further damage.

Shield from Flooding

It can also shield the home from flooding and other weather-related problems. The foundation could help prevent structural issues in the future that could be even more expensive to fix.

Protect Resale Value

Additionally, foundation repair can help protect the resale value of the home. This is because buyers may be less likely to invest in a house that has a damaged or weak foundation.

All in all, skipping foundation repair is an unnecessary risk that, if not taken care of, could result in bigger and more costly issues in the future.

What Are Some Foundation Repairs Needed?

What Are Some Foundation Repairs NeededFoundation repairs are needed when the foundation of a building starts to show signs of failure or a shifting foundation. These can be signs of:

  • water damage
  • settling concrete
  • excessive structure weight

In these cases, foundation repair may be necessary to maintain the safety of the structure. Common foundation repairs involve:

  • underpinning
  • shoring and bracing
  • crack repair
  • slab leveling
  • steel reinforcement


Underpinning is a process used to strengthen an existing foundation. This is done by installing additional supports below the foundation’s existing support system. The underpinning process is used to increase the load-bearing capacity of a structure.

This prevents settlement, fills gaps between the foundation and the ground, makes foundation repairs, or replaces an existing foundation with a deeper and stronger foundation. Underpinning can take a variety of forms, such as:

  • underpinning piles
  • mass concrete
  • pre-stressed concrete
  • micro piles

Understanding the type of underpinning you need is essential to your foundation repair.

Shoring and Bracing

Shoring and bracing is a method of foundation repair that is used to stabilize foundations from movement or any structural damage that may have been done. This is done by the use of large lumber posts or heavy-duty steel supports.

The posts are buried in the ground and spread apart. This is to ensure that the area of the foundation being repaired is bolstered and can bear the weight of the structure.

Crack Repair

What Are Some Foundation Repairs NeededCrack repair is a process in which cracked elements of a home’s foundation are repaired by injecting epoxy or other material into the damaged area. It can be used to:

  • stabilize walls and floors
  • restore structural integrity
  • improve foundation appearance

It should be carried out by a professional foundation contractor, who will be able to assess the damage accurately and choose the appropriate epoxy for the job.

Slab Leveling

Slab leveling is a method used to level and support concrete slabs. This is done by lifting and stabilizing the slab, preventing further damage due to sinking. To complete a slab leveling, adjustable piers are installed beneath the slab. This lifts the slab back to its proper elevation.

The concrete slab then needs to be re-leveled over the top of the adjustable piers, which requires specialized tools and materials. Slab leveling will not stop settling from occurring, but it will raise and level slabs so that further damage can be prevented.

Steel Reinforcement

Foundation repair with steel reinforcement is a process used to strengthen the foundation by using steel beams to support the structure. Steel reinforcement is normally added in areas where the soil isn’t able to adequately support the structure.

This is needed in weak soil or areas with large surface water drainage. Steel reinforcement is typically used as a solution for:

  • vertical cracking
  • bulging
  • leaning
  • other shifting foundations

Additionally, steel reinforcement can be used to repair any foundation already weakened from surface water runoff, seismic activity, temperature changes, natural settling, or other causes. Steel reinforcement is an effective solution for compromised foundations because it provides an added level of support and stability to restore the foundation’s strength.

In more serious cases, complete foundation rebuilds and structural modifications may be needed. Furthermore, waterproofing of the surrounding soil and foundation is of the utmost importance to avoid future foundation issues down the road.

Also, drain tile systems, sump pumps and yard drainage can provide additional protection. Foundation repairs should only be done by a proper foundation contractor who can help assess and determine the necessary repair work. So, if you are looking for a foundation repair in Detroit, you can easily find one by searching.

Never Miss Out On Foundation Repairs

Never Miss Out On Foundation Repairs

Foundation repairs are essential to maintain structural integrity and should not be overlooked. Proper timely maintenance prolongs the life of a home and ensures that the value of the home remains intact.

Never miss out on foundation repairs, you will save yourself money and stress. Call your local contractor today to make sure you get the best upkeep possible.

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