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Hackers Of Syrian Electronic Army: There Are ‘Many Surprises’ Still Planned

The Syrian hackers that are behind the recent attacks at Twitter and New York Times have warned media related companies that they should expect them.Syrian Electronic Army, that is in support of President Bashar al-Assad, said that it had a lot of surprises yet to come.

When asked about the vote of UK Parliament against the intervention of military, one spokesman told,

“It’s the right thing. Military intervention in Syria has many consequences and will affect the whole world. Our main mission is to spread truth about Syria and what is really happening.”

SEA targeted many media companies which included BBC, Guardian and CNN.Brian Krebs, former reporter of Washington Post, did write that the clues discovered at the time SEA’s website got hacked earlier during this year pointed to at least a member of group which was based in Turkey.

But SEA’s spokesman did dismiss these claims, while saying they kept publishing the names so that they could get attention.

He said that all media outlets they targeted were there publishing fabricated news regarding situation of Syria and that their work didn’t need funds; only internet connection and computer.

Till attacks this week, efforts of SEA had focused largely at “phishing” the accounts of social media, tricking the users in handing over the details of logging-in.

In an attack that was particularly effective, account of Twitter of Associated Press got compromised, and group posted one tweet saying that President of US Barack Obama was hurt in one explosion.

Attack of New York Times was quite damaging, however, because hackers were capable to redirect the people who were trying to go to newspaper to the website of SEA’s instead, even though briefly.

According to the group, their goal was delivering the message of anti-war at website of NY Times – though their server could not last for 3 minutes. SEA also said that attack on Twitter was due to suspension of their Twitter accounts by Twitter’s management and that SEA succeeded in its attacks as they expected.

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