Have you noticed that you’re losing a lot of hair? Have your friends started to mention bald spots?

It’s perfectly normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair per day, but more than that is a reason for concern. If you notice you’ve been shedding more, or you’re seeing bald spots, you should be aware that something may be off.

There are many things that cause hair loss. These include anxiety, medications, genetics, and more. Whatever the reason, losing hair can be depressing, as well as embarrassing.

If you’ve been losing a lot of hair lately, you’re probably wondering what you can do to combat the issue. Men and women alike suffer from hair loss, especially when they become middle-aged. Luckily, there are many ways to treat hair loss.

Keep reading and we’ll walk you through several methods of treating hair loss. You may just find an option that works for you!

Laser Therapy Caps

Capillus offers laser therapy caps to help with hair loss. These allow you to treat your hair thinning issues without having to sacrifice time.

What’s a therapy cap? These caps use laser red light to help improve the health of your hair follicles. You’ll just need to wear the cap for six minutes. Thanks to the easiness of this method, you can keep going about your regular activities while you treat your hair loss issue.

If you’re looking for hair that is natural looking and full, try a laser cap. It may just do the trick.

Over-the-Counter Drugs

One of the most common ways to treat hair thinning is by using the drug minoxidil. This treatment involves applying the drug to your scalp. Rogaine is the most recognizable brand selling minoxidil.

Minoxidil is an over-the-counter drug, so you won’t have to worry about the hassle of getting a prescription. And, it’s been approved for use by both men and women.

When applied correctly, this method can produce improved hair grown in only six weeks.

However, you may want to give it more time than that before deciding if it’s working or not.

While minoxidil is a popular hair loss remedy, it may not work for everyone. But it’s worth a shot!

Oral Supplements

Hair loss can be treated orally. The supplement Viviscal fight hair loss with a combination of vitamin C, zinc, niacin, biotin, and fish protein.

Viviscal is a great option for people who don’t want to pay for a laser cap or worry about making a mess in their hair.

Special Shampoo

A special shampoo has been developed specifically to help with hair loss. This shampoo blocks DHT, a hormone that limits your hair follicles’ blood supply.

Caffeinated Options

You may be surprised by this one, but it actually works! The stuff doesn’t only help you get going in the morning.

Like the shampoo previously mentioned, caffeine fights DHT. Caffeine also helps hair cells produce more ATP (energy).

When you drink caffeinated products, caffeine is able to reach the hair follicles.

There are also hair products containing caffeine. These help your hair look fuller and thicker, but don’t help the follicles themselves.

Natural Remedies

You may be able to help hair loss issues through the use of natural remedies.

Did you know that garlic helps hair loss when people have alopecia areata? It does!

Onion juice is an option as well, though this may not be the tastiest of options if you don’t like straight-up onion flavor. Like the use of garlic, this treatment is for alopecia areata.

Eat Better

Your hair needs vitamins and minerals, just like the rest of your body. So it follows that your hair follicles won’t perform properly if they don’t get what they need.

Eat plenty of lean meats, nuts, beans, fish, and leafy greens. This will get you the protein, zinc, vitamin B12, and other nutrients your follicles need.

Pamper Yourself

This may be the best option yet! You can help treat hair loss by pampering yourself. How great is that?

Occasionally give your scalp a massage. Your senses will love it, and you’ll increase the flow of blood to your scalp.

If you’re using a shampoo treatment, massage the shampoo to help it penetrate your scalp instead of running off.

Cosmetic Sprays and Powders

You may feel some anxiety going out in public as your hair thins or bald spots show up. Save yourself some emotional hurt by using cosmetics to make your hair loss less noticable.

Cosmetics will help reduce the anxiety you feel over the hair loss issue. This, in turn, could help limit hair loss, since anxiety is one possible cause.

Though these will help you feel and look better, they won’t actually help treat hair loss. Unless, of course, anxiety is one of the reasons you’re losing hair more quickly.

Alternate Birth Control Options

Oral contraceptives may be the culprit behind your hair loss. If this is the case, try using other options for birth control. You’ll still be able to take contraceptive measures while keeping your luscious locks in place.

Choose Air Over Heat

Your hair loss may not be root deep. If you tend to blow-dry your hair, the heat may be causing loss of hair. Other hot tools, such as straightening and curling irons, can have this effect too.

If you still want to use heat on your hair, use sparingly to give your hair a better chance at growth.

Choose Your Hair Loss Treatment

Just like there are many reasons for hair loss, there are many ways to treat it, too. If you don’t like one option, simply go for something else.

Choose from this list, or other ideas, and implement your choice today! There’s no point in waiting around.

Hair loss can take a huge emotional toll. While you may be tempted to try anti-depressants or anxiety medicine to help with the stress, try these simple hair loss treatment methods instead.

Hair is an important part of our identity, and a simple hair change can be a life changer. Check out our ideas on changing your look. You may find something you want to try once your hair is healthy again!

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