Though a lot of people prefer digitizing their mails, letters are still considered to be an essential source of communication- especially if it is something official. Whenever we place an order for something, we receive the product with an invoice sent inside an envelope.

While the emails have proven to be a worthy replacement for offline mail, individual records like an invoice, a legal document, or a bank receipt are still kept on paper. As long as letters are deemed to be necessary, so will be envelopes.

Hence, we will be producing a list of six tips that will come in handy while looking for the best envelopes online

Research your way to the top

Since you have chosen to look for the envelopes online, the internet can turn out to be a generous friend.

Only research can help you comprehend the several distinctions of envelopes. Research is the only way you will know that the brown envelopes we always have, have a name ‚ÄĒ cardboard envelopes.

Go to different websites and tally each envelope with the other and check if it satisfies all the qualities you need. Not only will the research help you get the best price, but it will also be edifying.

Pay attention to the size

Many people are not aware of this, but envelope sizes vary in more than 15 kinds.

Before you decide on an envelope, keep in mind the size of the letter. If it is a single page of an informal letter, you can use a mini envelope or a pointed flap envelope.

However, the case will be different for a formal letter or a legal document that cannot be folded into a smaller size. You can use clasp envelopes or open-end envelopes for any such form.

You can also utilize these large envelopes to send any present or any object alongside the letter.

Figure out if windows are to be brought into the equation

An envelope with a window is primarily considered for an official document or a bill. The window reveals the recipient’s name since that is of vital importance in delivering an official record.

Thus, it will be a wise choice to decide on a window-ed envelope if you are to send a business letter.

You can also make use of a window-ed envelope for an informal letter. In that case, it will only serve the purpose of providing the details of the recipient.

Color or not?

Initially, there were only three colors that were used for envelopes ‚ÄĒ white, orange, and brown. The whites were the most common ones, but orange and brown would mostly indicate officiality.

However, you can choose different colors for an envelope to make the letter even more enjoyable. For example, if your letter is meant for a romantic interest, you can select a red envelope.

Anyway, if your letter is formal or involves business, it is preferable to go with a white or cardboard envelope.

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